With something of a futuristic tendency, this month’s selection of show-stopping goodies is guaranteed to get you hoping for a better tomorrow.

01. In the trenches

The most British of British luxury houses, Burberry essentially built its entire reputation on the back of its trench coat. Year in year out, its new takes on the classic design have, at best, been timid updates and, at worst, basic copycats of the original. It’s a whole different story this year though, with the fashion imprint taking a leap to the future with this mid-length coat. Burberry’s traditional beige is swapped for brighter and bolder colours, with a prevailing orange palette, whilst its sharp cut and angular patterns evoke cubism at its height. (NL)

Burberry trench coat (€6,000).
Available from Burberry (Brussels).

 02. Hoodlum high

With roots in heavy-duty work wear and a functional design ethos, Belgian-born Bellerose has, ever since its creation in 1989, stood for authentic clothes and timeless values, banking on personal style over throwaway trends. And, with its roomy pockets and protective hoodie, this lightweight hooded parka is no exception. Its access-all-areas demeanour speaks as much to the gap year student off to Latin America’s rain forests for a couple of months as it does to his father readying for a month of April spent on the Belgian coast. (PP)

Bellerose hooded parka (€179).
Available from Bellerose stores nationwide.

03. Lighter than water

Just in time for the spring season, East-meets-West Japanese perfumer Kenzo just launched its new fragrance for men: Eau 2. Never too heavy on the senses, the fresh and aromatic fragrance developed by reputed nose Sonia Constant (Burberry, Escada) hits all the right chords with its manly, invigorating scent. A blend of citrus plants, woody elements and zesty accents, ranging from grapefruit to vetiver or spruce, its subtle combinations make for a vibrant and energetic mix without ever being too weighty. (SS)

Eau 2 Kenzo EDT Homme, 50 ml (€50,84), 100 ml (€71,19).
Available from Planet Parfum nationwide.

04. Ring maker

Reputed for its playful take on jewellery, Italian jeweller Pomellato has been injecting a little bit of fun into the craft since it was founded in the late 1960s by Pino Rabiolini. Characterised by a fine balancing act that combines an intricate attention to detail with a future-friendly approach to design, its creations never fail to turn heads. And the latest addition to its collection, the Nudo ring, makes good on this reputation. The oversized rings – handmade in the company’s Milanese workshops – blends gold together with Madeira quartz, giving its shine a scintillating and rather unique glow, the vibrancy of which varies according to the surrounding light. (PP)

Pomellato Nudo Ring Quarzo Madera (€2,160).
Available from Pomellato (Antwerp).

05. A dash of splash

Known for its minimal and, some would say, executive-style approach to design, German fashion house Jil Sander basically made grey cool when she first launched back in the late 1960s. So it comes as a little surprise to see the label embrace colour in such a whole- hearted way with its latest collection of sunglasses – especially given that its current creative director, Belgian legend of the less is more Raf Simons, is no colour-crazy designer himself. That being said, everything about these sleek and sexy sunnies’ design harks back to the brand’s deep-rooted DNA: a little bit on the square side but oh-so classy. (NL)

Jil Sander sunglasses (€174,95).
Available from Jil Sander (Antwerp).

06. Square pusher

There are only a few items in fashion that command the kind of following you’d only expect from, say, the quintessential Bieber fan, and Hermès’ silk scarf – also known as “Le Carré” – is clearly one of them. A favourite of the down-to-earth yet none-the-less classy, the scarves’ timeless appeal and wrap-around comfort sits perfectly with the Parisian fashion house’s knack for crafting travelling tales of escapism imbued with vibrant exotic shells. Residing on the upper crust of luxury, an Hermès scarf is passed on from generation to generation, never going out of fashion. The kind of design that wouldn’t be out of place on museum walls the world over. (PP)

Hermès printed silk scarf (€310).
Available at Hermès stores nationwide.

07. Heavy duty

When it comes to that lived-in feeling, trust Italian denim behemoth Diesel to deliver the goods. These distressed, rusty-coloured baggy trousers may look like they’ve just been dug out from your country-loving granddad’s attic if it weren’t for the makeshift paint splatters (Diesel staples), loose-fitting cut and large apron belt, ideal for lugging around all your modern-day essentials. (PP)

Diesel distressed trousers (€180).
Available from Diesel stores nationwide.