With our wardrobe summer lift nearly complete, there still are a couple of things we need to bag before setting sail for the month. Need a watch, a pair of sunglasses, shoes, a perfume, a pair of Chinos and sandals. Easy.

Writers Nicholas Lewis, Philippe Pourhashemi and Randa Wazen

01. Scent of a summer

We all need to indulge in our girly side once in a while. Marc Jacobs knows cool chicks inside out and is sure to please his cute, adoring fans with Daisy Eau So Fresh, a bubbly and unpretentious summer fragrance. Six colourful daisies adorn its clear bottle, turning the removal of the top into an amusing, tactile experience. The scent itself couldn’t be more upbeat, with notes of grapefruit, apple blossom, violet, wild rose and plum bringing some much-needed joy and sweetness to our daily grind. (PP)

Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs 125ml bottle (€93).
Available from Ici Paris XL and Marc Jacobs retailers.

02. It’s all in the detail

You’re going to have to up the antes if you want us to even consider wearing a watch. The thing is, we’re not exactly wrist-wearers, preferring instead to, erm, go naked. But every now and then, a particular model pops up on our radar. With its subtle quirkiness, undertones of a deep-rooted design discipline and a functionality befit of its origins (Swiss, what else?), it really is the streamlined purity of its squared-shaped dial complemented by just the one yellow hand that sealed it for us. That, and the fact that we actually caught ourselves wondering what wardrobe staple it’d be a best fit with. And there goes another item to add on the “wallet watch list”. (NL)

R5.5 XXL Platinum watch by Rado (€3,100).
Available from Cosyns (Brussels), Slaets Horloges (Antwerp) and Van Bignoot (Ghent).

03. Bag raider

Bags can be a hard one to pull off during the summer months. The trick is to pick a style light enough to complement your summer breeze, but strong enough to contain your daily essentials. Colour is crucial, as are form and function. These are all prerequisites venerable French leather goods staple Lancel has mastered, and this is never more so evident than with its Premier Flirt slinger. A “be-easy”-type bag with enough pizzazz to turn the right kind of heads, its supple shape, exquisite craftsmanship and lemon, ostrich-print leather were the perfect match for the kind of summer we’re planning on having: unplanned, colourful and off-the-beaten- track. (PP)

Premier Flirt handbag by Lancel (€699).
Available from Lancel (Brussels).

04. Byzantine bling

Glastonbury, Coachella, and the likes have morphed into runways of late, and after enduring the sore sight of Wellies in all shapes, sizes and colours for the past five years (thanks, Kate), the timing feels ripe to re-inject some much-needed glam into festival footwear. Fresh off the Paris-Byzance collection, which pays tribute to Coco Chanel’s fascination for Byzantine jewellery, these black leather sandals are draped in enough gemstones to blind anyone, no matter the sunglasses. And if heroin-chic is what you’re going for, trust us – prancing around battered fields in these whilst holding a beer in a plastic cup couldn’t possibly get more deliciously decadent. (RW)

Leather sandal with glass beads by Chanel (price on request).
Available from Chanel (Brussels).

05. Not just another pair of aviators

When it comes to eyewear, few designs have stood the test of time like aviators. And whilst the original Ray-Ban’s may be perfect for purists, those unwilling to risk meeting half a dozen tear-dropped shade-adorning clones on a simple run to the local grocery might favour the variations offered by some of the countless brands who’ve also exploited the classic design. Debuting its sunglasses collection this spring, this Tru Trussardi model, with its generous golden frame and vintage demeanour, carry the badass vibe of a South-American druglord, whilst its discreet branding and subtle use of leather accents on its brown rims elicit Italian chic. Think Pablo Escobar meets Marcello Rubini. (RW)

Aviator TR12819 sunglasses by Tru Trussardi (€199).

06. Got colour?

At the end of a shoot on a recent night, a bunch of us where having a cigarette break in the garden. Talking about what we still felt was missing from the photograph we were trying to finish (we were on set for our book page), the discussion suddenly shifted to Randa’s fashion sense and, more specifically, her choice of colours (she mostly wears black). “You really should wear more colour,” said Renasha. I began thinking about having a slightly similar colour deficiency myself (my wardrobe is mostly made of blues and greys). The only way I usually bring a touch of colour to what can only really be described as a very unicoloured uniform is by the shoes I wear. And these little babies are just the thing I need to shine a light on my dark- blue-jeans-grey-sweater formula. (NL)

Chute sneakers by Lacoste (€ 75).
Available from Lacoste (Brussels).

07. Cos’ we told you so

In its ongoing battle for design democratisation, COS keeps coming up with stronger collections each year, pushing its high and low concept on the high street. With the belief that great fashion shouldn’t be out of bounds, it’s ironic how many insiders actually shop there to find stylish, reliable pieces. Staying true to its minimal roots, Collection of Style has been growing steadily since its London launch in 2007. Revisiting extreme trends to make them more appealing to the adoring masses, the collection anticipated our longing for colour this season. A pair of lightweight cotton chinos in a saturated shade is all you need for brightening up the office routine. Think preppy, but don’t be a bore. (PP)

Collection of Style chinos by COS (€59).
Available from COS (Brussels and Antwerp).