How does a Hong-Kong-based magazine with a distribution of over 350,000 copies in China hear about The Word? This is how it all happened: someone from Hong Kong visited Brussels, stumbled upon our Nippon Issue, brought it back to show one of his or her colleagues, who so happened to be a writer for Ming. A couple of emails later, and here we are, in their February edition’s ‘No Magazine, No Life’ section, which had previously profiled Carl’s Car and Appartemento (which also happen to be two of our favourite magazines around). Lovely. Featuring the works of Sarah, Ulrike, Kris and Guy wihout forgetting Damien’s (much-missed) post-it pages, we’re chuffed with how good it all looks on screen. Can’t wait to get hold of the paper copy though, despite not understanding one word of what is being written. Obviously, we’re assuming they only had nice things to say…

The article's first spread


The article's second spread


The article's final spread


Ming's February edition's cover