We’re raising the stakes and turning the temperature up this month with our pick of red marvels – everything from a life-changing camera to a revolutionary little notebook.

Photographer Benoît Banisse Art direction and styling Flore van Ryn

01. Just click it

We’ve become experts at commissioning photography, art directing as well as styling it, but when it comes to photography itself, we let the professionals do the talking. It’s not like we wouldn’t enjoy getting behind the camera and shooting a gorgeous pair of… shoes. It’s rather that, well, we can’t really be bothered with the technical aspect of it all – you know, aperture, shutter speed, contrast, focus and what not. Imagine our joy, then, when this beauty landed on our desks for a little test. It’s light, has interchangeable lenses and, wait for it, does it all for you.

α NEX-3 16mm interchangeable lens camera by Sony (€500)
Available from Sony Centers throughout the country

02. Prints please

It’s a known fact that we’re of the type to look down on people when first meeting them. Often wrongly interpreted as snobbism, it’s only really a sometimes worrying obsession with footwear. We won’t judge you by your looks, your intellect or even your personality, but we will judge you by the shoes you wear. Call us shallow; we believe the shoes a person wears are just as telling a character clue than, say, whether or not you bite your nails. You’re on safe ground though if we meet for the first time and these are the shoes you’re wearing. Part of Converse’s collaborative collection for women with Finnish textile printmaker Marimekko, they’d say three things to our trained eyes: she’s cool, confident and carefree.

Jack Purcell x Marimekko (€89,95)
Available from Bellerose (Brussels)

03. The revolution in red

Although you could argue that, in this day-and-age of virtual protests and desktop unrests, all you need to organise a revolution is a Facebook page and a handful of Twitter followers, we’d like to think of ourselves as a touch more old school – even in the small matter of deposing governments. Fact is, if we ever were to seriously consider overthrowing the powers that be (not such a far-fetched idea considering the country’s record-breaking political deadlock), we’d start with plotting the downfall on paper. Not any kind of paper of course. You see, if we’re going to spend time musing on coup conspiracies, you better believe it’s going to be done in keeping with a certain colour-coded structure. Thus, a red notebook. What else?

Red notebook by Atypyk (€13)
Available from Bozarshop (Brussels)

04. Teenage angst no more

For as long as we can remember, bloodshot eyes and red spots were as central to our teenager looks as Dr. Martens and ripped 501s. For bleary eyes, Minhavez was the make of choice, never failing to whiten our eyes just in time for afternoon classes or inquisitive dinner with the elders. For the red spots, the perfect miracle remedy somehow eluded us as we painfully saw our faces turn from smooth operator to rough calculator with each year going by. If it were today, however, we’d find solace in Kiehl’s blemish control cream, a now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t kind of magic.

Minhavez eye drops (€4), available in pharmacies.
Kiehl’s Acne Blemish Control treatment (€39)
Available from Senteurs d’Ailleurs (Brussels) and Kiehl’s (Antwerp and Ghent). kiehls.com

05. Death traps

Equally as terrifying as they are beautiful, these carnivorous plants feed off small flies and insects that get lured into their traps. And whilst some species from the exotic jungles of Borneo or Guinea are big enough to gobble up entire rats, these apartment-sized carnivores won’t be turning your living area into the Little Shop of Horrors just yet. Indeed, these imported versions rarely outgrow their pots, although that’s not to say you won’t catch them snapping up a fly or two. You know, just for starters.

From left to right: the venus flytrap (dionaea muscipula), cobra plant (darlingtonia californica) and the rosy sundew (drosera hamiltonii), between €4 and €6.
Available from Velvet Café (Brussels).

06. The red hiking hood

Come spring, this pullover jacket by favoured hiking and extreme sports brand Napapijri could very well become your new best friend. Part of the label’s Geographic line, which focuses on sportswear and urban pieces, this summer take on their classic Skidoo cut packs a polyamide shell fabric that makes it extremely lightweight, windproof and water repellent. We’ve always been purvey to somewhat of a mix-and-match aesthetic, and this bright but bold hoodie just about does it for us.

Skidoo summer jacket for men by Napapijri (€199).
Available from Napapijri (Antwerp).