Seven things you should buy before you leave

We’re keeping both him and her happy with this month’s showstoppers selection. We have the iconic bag, shoes and polo shirt, the future-friendly dresses, the obligatory pair of high tops, the jacket to go with them as well as the scent of the moment.

01. The bag

If Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel are as inseparable as Mulder and Scully, the German designer occasionally likes to inject some of his own Teutonic cool into the ubiquitous brand. Le Boy is a slightly androgynous handbag, with rectangular lines and a minimal aesthetic. Even though it clearly is a luxury item – coming with the hefty price tag it deserves – there’s nothing remotely bourgeois about it. The signature chain strap is thicker and heavier, giving it a tougher edge. In fact, Le Boy was inspired by Coco Chanel’s torrid relationship with Boy Capel, the English businessman she once described as “the great love of my life.” (PP)

Chanel Le Boy classic bag (from €1,800).
Available from Chanel (Brussels).

02. The dress

French fashion label Lacoste has come a long way since its creation in 1933. Still mostly known for its timeless tennis polo shirts embroidered with the iconic crocodile logo, the brand has since opened up its style and delved further into fashion territory. This pure and simple yet stylish crewneck sweater dress with modern contrasting details is the ideal example of this. With its comfortable fit and contemporary look, it perfectly embodies the other, younger side of Lacoste. A cosy off-duty piece that can be worn as a dress, but also as a top. (SS)

Lacoste sweatshirt dress (€145)
Available from Lacoste (Brussels).

03. The heels

There’s nothing like a pair of Manolo Blahniks’ pumps to raise a woman’s entire game. Infamous for its colourful extremes (think pink, zebra and neon) and famously still hand-drawn by its eponymous founder, the brand has held a special place in women’s hearts (and wardrobes) ever since they first appeared in that TV show we won’t mention. The first man ever to be featured on British Vogue’s cover back in 1974, there’s something about his designs that simply seems to instinctively understand women. And, with these grey suede high heels contrasted with a little black detail adding to its elegance, this pair is no different. (SS)

Manolo Blahnik grey suede pumps (€600).
Available from Smets (Brussels).

04. The perfume

The idea of vetiver cologne seems to conjure up images of old British men smoking fat cigars and wearing nasty tweed suits. Fact is, whilst Vetiver may be iconic in the perfume world, it often has a stuffy image attached to it. Leave it to Tom Ford then to revamp tradition, adding a sleek and sexy sheen to a deluxe scent. His Grey Vetiver is anything but classic, and includes playful notes of orange flower, aromatic sage and grapefruit. Ford is a Texan citizen after all, so don’t expect him to do anything too understated. Grey Vetiver is a seductive fragrance, smelling reassuringly expensive. It is masculine and sensual at the same time, melting into the body’s natural heat. (PP)

05. The sneakers

Every man needs a pair of sneakers or two in his wardrobe. Thing is, as you edge closer to your thirties and forties, chances are your Nike’s, Adidas’ and Puma’s will need to be replaced by slightly higher-browed models. You know, a pair that won’t make your Dior suit seem completely out of touch with reality. In steps Pierre Hardy’s grey leather sneakers and, with them, a whole new world of sneaker fetishism. With almost an architectural purity about them, the ankle-high shoes’ simplicity and undertones of utmost sartorial confidence really is what placed them at the top of our list. If Pierre Hardy knows one thing, it is what men and women want to wear as shoes. Probably the reason why Dior as well as Hermès have entrusted him with their shoe collections, although that’s an entirely different story. (SS)

Pierre Hardy grey leather sneakers (€370).
Available from

06. The jacket

German fashion house Hugo Boss has established itself throughout the years as one of the leading brands around the globe, promoting a style that is clear-cut, progressive whilst also remaining timeless. This grey, lightweight and waist-fitted sports blazer is part of Hugo Boss’ Green line predominantly featuring casual, sporty and relaxed pieces, an approach that this jacket perfectly embodies with its simple, contemporary look and its soft fabric. Elegant, luxury but also fresh sportswear that’s not only meant for the golf course (SS)

Hugo Boss jacket (€349).
Available from Hugo Boss (Brussels).

07. The dress

If the thought of going through your wardrobe trying to find colours that match gives you an instant headache, we’ve found the perfect piece that is guaranteed to make summer dressing a tad easier. Monsieur Bul’s sleeveless dress is a stylish and trendy choice, without being too girly. Lightweight and structured at the same time, the dress has a nicely fitted waist, an open back detail and is printed with cute little blocks of colour. We like the fact that it’s mostly grey, meaning you won’t end up looking like Ronnie McDonald by the end of summer. (PP)

Monsieur Bul sleeveless printed dress (€355).
Available from Glory Box (Brussels).