Following in the footsteps of its sister shop, Fresh Kicks, is a new sneaker store from Brussel’s Youssef Hebidel,  catering cool for the city’s urbanites.

Having started a graf shop back in the late 90s, Youssef established himself as somewhat of a doyen of street culture in Brussels. Tapping into the extant need for a place to get your graffiti gear he later opened Fresh kicks in 2007. Since then it’s been the place to get the latest hi-tops, lo-tops, plimsolls and most recently trendy bike-wares. So from one landmark shop to another, we are presented just a few doors down with Fresh. Distinguished, with its sleek black exterior, its interior is minimalist, spacious and boasts a modern boutique vibe.



A somewhat slicker affair than the more commercial fare at Fresh Kicks one can find brands like Stussy Deluxe, Nike Skateboarding and Huf. Exclusively bringing brands such as French graffiti derived brand Hixhepts and Norse Project also distinguishes the store as a taste- maker. Something that will be expected as one of the cooler corners of central Brussels and as a part of the Fresh trade name.

Fresh: The beginnings of skate shop upstairs


Upstairs is ready for the installation of the new skateboard shop, offering servicing, repairs and customisation. You can buy boards and all sorts of exquisitely designed skating paraphernalia and it looks set to be the place to get that perfect board customised, replace your risers or just some threads to wile out in.

Furniture from Re-use


But its not just the urban feel and oh so current nature of the shop that distinguish it from the contenders, nor the cavalcade of street wear brands on offer. What makes Fresh so now is the ever-changing maelstrom of vintage furniture that is on offer. If it’s in the store, isn’t screwed to the walls and you like it,  you can buy it. Supplied by the local eco-driven furniture recycling company Re-use, when I last visited the store there sat a beautifully designed black leather sofa. A treat of twentieth century design and great example of Brussels businesses collaborating to create a cultivated and rewarding shopping experience for the people of Brussels.

So whether you want a new pair of trainers, some skate gear or just an odd item of furniture remember you’ll find all you want at Fresh. An outfitter with the modern Brussels urbanite at heart.

Rue du Midi 57 Zuidstraat
1000 Bruxelles