Part three of our series on everyday style, in partnership with Schweppes, sees us handing over the office disposable to Damien Aresta. A graphic designer, musician (he plays guitar in the indie folk/pop outfit The Ducati Lovers), art director and teacher (he teaches at ERG), Damien is a man who simply cannot sit still, continously juggling a million different projects at the same time. In addition to heading up pleaseletmedesign with partner Pierre Smeets (who together with facetofacedesign are responsible for the magazine’s design), his focus at the moment is on his Pornaloid project (which we recently featured in our yellow album), his new house (he’s just moved back to his hometown of Liege after having lived in the capital for a few years) as well as on the Microfestival he helps to organise, and which takes place on 6th August.

Follow Damien on Twitter for wordplays and jokes.