From Colette to Dior to Louis Vuitton, all high-end fashion houses count on Stockman mannequins to drape their creations-in-the-making. No wonder, then, that these famous French dummies are a must-have for the studio of any worthy fashion designer. In Brussels, La Cambre‘s army of the shapely mannequins have become part of the furniture. Around since 1867, the ageless Stockman mannequin has kept its position as the number one tailoring dummy for the ready-to-wear trade, keeping the same gestures it made in the 19th century. The company’s founder, Fredric Stockman, is the guy that we have to thank (we think) for today’s clothing sizes: he was the first to identify standardised shapes for our bodies. The company shapes their dummies to fit the prevailing local shape, so that Belgium’s Stockman dummy will be markedly different from Japan’s.