Ten things to do during Design September


1. Pop up restaurant Eat colour

eat color

You eat with your eyes first, so they say. The initiative Eat colour has taken this proverb to heart and set up a pop-up restaurant whose theme is the visual pleasure of dining. It’s an original eating experience full of little surprises, and the creative minds behind the idea are food bloggers and interior architects Sarah Cisinski and Chloé Roose, who’ve invited four cooking teams to create four different colour-inspired menues. Eat white with Nicolas Scheidt from La Buvette or orange with Bénédicte and Damien from Brussels dining hotspot Bouchéry, who we recently had the pleasure of interviewing. Bon appetite!

From 10 to 20 September
Bloom Hotel, Rue Royale 250 Koningsstraat – 1210 Brussels


2. Brussels design market 


800 European exhibitors will be laying out their design objects for a one-day flea market style event where dealers, collectors and the public converge. Up for grabs at the 16th edition of Europe’s biggest vintage market are design objects from the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, including both bargain basement finds and more pricey pieces, from Scandinavian, Belgian, French, Italian and American names in furniture design. There’ll also be ceramics and glassware, collectors’ pieces and accessories, all exhibited alongside 100 oldtimer cars. Time to get your hands on that Panton chair you’ve always wanted.

From 7 to 8 September
Tour&Taxis, Avenue du Port 86c Havenlaan – 1000 Brussels

3.  Recycling pop up store: Waste Up

waste up

Waste Up is a pop-up shop that sells limited edition furniture and design accessories created using the principle of up-production, a sustainable process of converting waste materials into usable objects. Participants on the design side include familiar names as well as up-and-coming Atelier 4/5 and Hopop Studio, whose we studios we visited last year. Teaming up with Géraldine Calbert, Mashüt Studio, Anna Zuber and Stéphanie Gosuin, this first collaboration will be a test for the development of a “Waste’Up” label and the establishment of an up-production cooperative. “Waste can be a luxury if you give it the right change,” say the organisers.

From 14 to 27 September
Recyclart, Rue des Ursulines 25 Ursulinenstraat – 1000 Brussels


4. Exhibition: Enfant terrible

enfant t

A celebration of Polish poster art, this collection of posters, created by graphic artists old and new, is inspired both by the classics and contemporary graphic trends. Their creators use vector graphics, industrial graphic methods, photography and painting techniques while, subject-wise, they tend to focus on freedom of expression, embracing niche and club culture. Trivia time: apart from cinema, Poland’s poster art had been one of the few cultural spheres which made it through the iron curtain. With works by Agata Dudek, Krystian Kujda, and Studio Fontarte.

From 6 to September to 13 October
Bozar Centre of Fine Arts, Rue Ravensteinstraat 23 – 1000 Brussels

5. Exhibition: Tales of Heroes


Drawing on nostalgia as its central theme, this exhibition of contemporary objects addresses our complex modern society and our need for identification and authenticity, and how this leads to contemporary designers being asked to rehash the past. Scenographer Pieter Boons draws on similarities between the audience’s collective childhood, selecting 30 objects by Flemish and Brussels-based designers. The exhibition also features 10 drawings by artist Brecht Evens.

From 6 September to 6 October
Design Vlaanderen Galerie Rue de la Chancellerie 19 Kanselarijstraat – 1000 Brussels

6. Exhibition: Last

Antwerp-based design collective Unfold, who we recently interviewed, have teamed up with Dear Pigs and the musicians from The Bureau of Atomic Tourism to create this mysterious installation at Recyclart’s Nr7. Complete with soundtrack, this show allows visitors to sneak through a window into what seems like an deserted living room. Carefully arranged personal objects tell the story of who lived here and what happened. An intriguing project to feed the imagination.

From 5 to 26 September
Recyclart, Rue des Ursulines 25 Ursulinenstraat – 1000 Brussels

7. Exhibition: Fernand Baudin Price


With the proliferation of electronic reading gadgets from Kindles to Kobos, it’s easy to forget that books can be artworks in their own right. The Fernand Baudin Prize, named after the famous Belgian typographer and author, aims to keep the traditional book form alive and to highlight the talent and craftsmanship of the artisans who make them. Behind the initiative are, among others, Wim Clauwaert from Wiels’ bookshop and Bernard Marcelis from Brussels’ book mecca Filigranes, who invite you to check out 5 years of 44 prize-winning books at Bortiergallery.

From 5 to 30 September
Bortiergallery, Galerie Bortiergalerij 14 – 1000 Brussels


8. Open Doors


Like every year at Design September, lots of artists open their studio doors to the public, inviting visitors into their very private sanctums, giving us a chance to learn about their way of working and creating. Take a look at the places where different practices – from ceramics to shoe-making – come to fruition. Also, check out the space of celebrated Brussels design label Objekten, which showcases works by the likes of Sylvain Willenz and Alain Berteau.

See here for the full list of accessible studios.

9. Seat and read

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 23.19.59

If you want a break from all the buzz and busy-ness, stop by Seat and Read and hang out on one of the comfy and stylish reading benches designed by the Waste Up collective, a group of designers working with recycling and up-production. The tea room-inspired setting is the perfect place to sit and read or browse through your favourite magazines and books.

Until 27 September
Bortiergallery, Galerie Bortiergalerij 14 – 1000 Brussels



10. Talks: Constantin Grcic and Big Game

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 23.21.27

For the occasion of Design September, a number of design gurus are hitting the town to give lectures about their practices, passions and projects. Don’t miss the chance to catch an inspiring quote by one of your favorite designers and join talks by 2010 Designer of the Year Konstantin Grcic or French-Swiss-Belgian design collective Big Game. While the Lausanne-based Big Gamers are into simple, functional and optimistic objects, Grcic combines simplicity and minimalism with a humorous note.

See here for a list of all lectures