25-to-life: Part 3 of Centrale for Contemporary Art’s essentials

Nestled in the heart of Brussels’ city centre, Centrale for Contemporary Art has for the past 11 years been carving out quite a reputation for itself, playing host to both local and international artists whilst reinforcing its commitment to the local scene. Here, we distill the ambitious centre for contemporary art in 25 essentials.

Part III of this five-part series covers Centrale’s wide-ranging multitude of exhibitions and activities, of collaborations and partnerships.

11. A non-descript window located on 13 Rue Sainte-Catherine provides passers-by with an introductory insight into the exhibition. Formerly known as Le Comptoir du Nylon, a 50s-era nylon stocking shop, the space had already previously been used as a showcase for artists, before the City of Brussels handed its use over to Centrale.

12. In March 2017, American composer, film-maker, performer, painter, and installation artist Charlemagne Palestine showcased his now infamous “strumming” technique on his impressive piano, a performance hosted in collaboration with Kaaitheater’s biennale, Performatik, and which was the final piece of the BXL Universel exhibition.

13. For the past few months, Centrale has been hosting intergenerational workshops aimed both at kids from 
8 years old upwards as well as other people of all ages keen to discover art through the eyes of artists. During a two-hour fortnightly initiation 
on a Wednesday afternoon, artists demonstrate their practice and
 share new techniques and means 
of expression (sculpture, dance, sound creation, video), translating 
in the perfect space for artists and participants to build a bridge between generations. The next round will be hosted by Céline Lambert on 18th of April.

Céline Lambert (c)

14. In partnership with Centre du Film sur l’Art, Centrale organises, on Wednesdays at lunch, projections of movies on art. One of the last movies projected was about Bill Viola and, rather expectedly, the place was full.

Five Angels for the Millennium (2001) Bill Viola

15. Testament to its commitment to neighbourly cultural cohesion, Centrale works hand in hand with other local institutions such as Performatik, Art Brussels, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, the Week of the Sound, Nuit Blanche or, more recently, the new initiative downtownbrussels.art.

PRIVATE CHOICES runs until 27th May 2018.

44 Place Sainte-Catherine (1000)