I get an unbelievable amount of junk through the mail, but now-and-again, something catches my attention. To be frank, I hadn’t heard of Anima Eterna before, but after receiving their catalogue last week, Brugge’s symphonie orchestra definitely scored some Word points – essentially for getting Undercast, a Belgian graphic and web design agency, to design their catalogue.  We’re big on type, paper stock as well as grid design and this short-but-sweet program of concerts hits all the right chords with equal panache. Let this be a message to the rest of the public relations officers, communications managers and mass-mailing miscreants clogging our post box: design it with style and you might stand out from the pack.


The catalogue’s inside goes further yet in its art direction’s simplicity, with the paper stock’s alternating colour, a seemingly fluorescent Orange used for intros and, our favourite, imposing red dots rather daringly “dropped” onto several photographs.

An inside spread of the catalogue

A gem we wished we’d get more off…