We put three very simple questions to some of the country’s foremost gallerists and talk Brussels’ edge over other cities, ArtBrussels’ differentiating factor and what to do before leaving the capital city. Here are their answers.

Baronian Gallery

– We have an important emergenging art scene in Belgium, which attracts art lovers from all over Europe. Brussels is currently enjoying somewhat of a renaissance: new gallery openings attract more gallerists, which attract more artists. It’s a snowball effect and I would say that every actor in the field participates to that dynamic. In my opinion this “art boom” has been part of Belgian art culture for the last ten years and will keep on like this for a while.

– Conviviality gives this particular fair its humanity. You can visit the whole thing in just one day and I think that it’s one of the strong points of the fair. Besides, prices are friendly. Finnaly you have a lot of exchange between young and older galleries.

– Everyone should taste the lovely fries of Antoine on Place Jourdan.

Currently showing
Ry Rocklen & Derek Boshier
Condominium pancake
Until 30th of May 2015
To blow smoke in order to heal
Ashley Bickerton, Aline Bouvy, Jean-Alain Corre, Yann Gerstberger, Elias Hansen, Klara Lidén, Xavier Mary & Simon Dybbroe Møller

 Alice Gallery

– The Belgian culture has no real identity in the way that it’s open to a lot of influence. That makes it really special.

– Art Brussels is a mid-size fair, and a lot of collectors here can discover and buy younger artists and discover younger scenes.

– Place Sainte Catherine’s bars and atmosphere are a must. Randomly visit this area and get the feeling of it.

Currently Showing 
Mon Colonel and Spit
Double Super Flux Tendu
Until 2th of May 2015 
Gauthier Leroy
Castaway Every Day – A Guy, A Palm Tree And A Desert Island
Until 2th of May 2015

Base Alpha

-On an international level, Brussels is the capital of Europe, which makes it easier to reach European collectors. On the other hand, Brussels is well connected to Antwerp, so it’s an opportunity for me to reach my national clients

– Every year the fair gets more and more popular. They have good proposals by young galleries with some edgy profiles and their nonprofit program is also really relevant.

– If you have the time, you should go to Antwerpen: it’s a 25 minute ride and it will be worth it. The city has some sort of experimental feeling. If you’ve liked Brussels, you will love Antwerpen. Popposition (in Brussels) also is a must if you want to discover other profiles.

Currently Showing
Roeland Tweelinckx – Timo Van 
Until 9th of May 2015

Geukens & De Vil

– Our gallery is in Antwerp so it’s always hard to judge from there, but Brussels has clearly grown with the Wiels. They have relations with every one, from museums to artists, it’s something very positive for the city. Antwerp really boomed at some point, but the lack of connections didn’t allow the same explosion as in Brussels. Belgians are also very up to date when it comes to art. And collectors here in Belgium are somehow fast buyers, they don’t overthink too much about it when they like something.

– The special thing about the fair is its good mixture of various media and a very selective choice of pieces. When it comes to young artists, especially since last year, the selection it’s very edgy. Also Karen did a very good job establishing a good relation with older galleries and that way the new team had the possibility to go and look for younger galleries.

– You need to go to Antwerp! We have excellent shows and also great galleries and museums. We have a very good relationship and all support each other.


Van der Mieden

– The first thing you notice when you come to Brussels is the diversity of people and nationalities. Thanks to that, the city has a special character. A lot of foreign collectors take the initiative to open their own gallery. Another important point is that we are in the “center” of Europe. That diversity makes it politically different.

– The main thing about the fair is the combination between young and “famous” galleries. So if you want to discover a new and young artist, this is the fair for you. They also made a video and film section, which is not that common in the other art fairs. All of this makes the fair an international event for art lovers.

– First of all, you need to feel the atmosphere of Brussels, walk down the streets and enjoy the sun on a good terrasse. Then you must visit he Wiels exhibition of course, that’s definitely something you shouldn’t miss. Overall, just absorb all that Brussels has to offer and go back home with a big smile

Currently Showing
Narcisse Tordoir
Gravel Beat
Until 3th of May 2015 


– Can you really consider Brussels as an art capital? That would be flattering with fifty galleries and a handful of stuttering institutions (let’s leave Bozar aside). The advantage of Brussels is that you can visit the whole contemporary art world in a day or two and then have a nice dinner.

– Art Brussels is quite a large fair but it’s not really focused on the “blue chips”. You can also discover new artists every year

– Since you’re in Brussels, you have to go see a few galleries, including ours. Then you should visit the Patinoire Royale and the Bozar exhibitions. And for once go to the Wiels, they have an interesting exhibition with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.


D+T Projects

– Brussels’s soul is based on tradition and curiosity, it’s a collective of good artists and they made a huge difference in Art History. Also, Brussels and Belgium have a lot of specifics schools dedicated to Art. Another important point is that we have six important capitals just one hour from here; Europe is almost in your backyard. Brussels is also the cheapest capital in Europe after Berlin.

– The main difference between Art Brussels and other fairs is that everything is local and they focus on conceptual art. It’s a very good start for young artists. Also geographically, it brings people from all over the world.

– They could start the day visiting our group show and just enjoy the art at Art Brussels. After the fair, they can go grab lunch or dinner at La Bellone on rue de Flandre.

Currently Showing
Sounds Like Music
Elena Bajo | Chiara Banfi 
Céleste Boursier-Mougenot | Oliver Beer Gregor Hildebrandt | Haroon Mirza 
Hannu Prinz | Sarah & Charles , Eric White 
Until 30th of May 2015


– Brussels offers a lot of possibilities; you can easily find a space to exhibit your work. You can actually do things here, that you can’t do it in New York for example.

– The fair has a long tradition and since it’s an international event, for Belgian collectors and gallerists it’s a win-win situation.

– They need to come to our gallery, that’s for sure! Then they also have to visit the Musical Instruments Museum and finally take a walk through downtown Brussels.

Currently Showing 
Haegue Yang 
Sample Book
Until 30th of May 2015

Daniel Templon

– We can only compare Brussels to Paris and at first look it’s more provincial. But actually the difference is that here people are more aware of new things and do a lot together. They want to discover things and it’s in a way less closed than Paris. Here you really feel part of a community.

– It’s a great fair, a good place to discover new things.

– They should all see Maison Particuliee who are doing an amazing work inviting collectors to present their collection. It feels like you’re entering their home. They have a great show now, with Pierre and Gilles, and some cartoon as we’ll and it’s a kind of place you won’t see anywhere else.

Currently Showing 
Vik Muniz 
Until 30th of May 2015 

Nadja Villene

– Attitudes towards art are different in Brussels: they’re open- minded and curious here.

– At Art Brussels, you can find new and emergent artists at reasonable prices. That’s what makes the fair so special.

– You must see the Wiels. They are changing Art History in Belgium.

Currently Showing
Mythologie du Naufrage
Until 30th of April 2015

Super Dakota

– Brussels has a nice dynamic; it’s not a big city so you can find things easily. Also there is good relationship between small and big galleries that makes it engaging, you feel that you’re part of something.

– Art Brussels always puts young galleries first, that’s their signature. It’s part of the overall dynamic towards the emerging arts and artists.

– It may sounds obvious but everyone should see the Wiels: it’s one of the best art spaces in the world.

Currently Showing 
Ariane Schick
Casual Throws
Until 23th of May 2015
Sebastien Bonin, Baptiste Caccia
Alex Clarke, Adham Faramawy,
Manuel Fernandez, Ditte Gantriis/Rasmus Myrup, Jeanette Hayes, Michael Manning, Hayal Pozanti
Until 23th of May 2015

Fifty One

– The city has a different crown, it’s really cosmopolitan. We have a lot of Belgium buyers and some tourists who came just for the fair. A lot of people from abroad say that people don’t want to come to galleries anymore. We don’t experience this here.

– Art Brussels, is definitely an important fair to be in. The art fair adds a value to our daily work; it’s different from another regular day. For three days the work is intense but you also have the chance to meet every one. We try to attend as many fairs as we can; we just came back from New York.

– Just have a good restaurant, because you probably didn’t have a decent meal during the fair.


Greta Meert

– In Brussels, we have a low-key mentality, which can be very charming. It attracts artists and they all want to be represented by Belgium. All the new galleries settled in Brussels also attract a new audience. There is of course the geographical situation with an easy access. The common market and the European Union put us in the news every day; you always hear on the news, “Brussels decided…”

– Cologne has a similar fair but Art Brussels, touches more international and less german artists and I would say it’s the same thing for Italy. Here things are different, we have a fresh scene with a younger audience and it’s also our home.

– They should have a chocolate at Marcolini’s in the old part of the city.

Currently Showing 
Pieter Vermeersch 
Until 4th of July 2015 

Mot International

– Brussels is a cheap city; it logically attracts a lot of young artists, that’s why we opened here in the first place. Besides, the art world is well connected because the city is not that big.

– In my opinion the main thing about Art Brussels is the trust relationship between collectors and gallerists. We’re use to keep things local; Belgian collectors trusts Belgian gallerists and that relation is really precious.

– Definitely, the Wiels. Also the Alain Servais collection which just opened their collection. Another fair to visit is Popposition which showcases younger artists and they have some interesting things.

Currently Showing 
Clunie Reid
Bodies Turn To Ash
Until 30th of May 2015 

Office Baroque

– Brussels it’s a small city, so it’s easy to make your network and at the end everybody works together. Also prices are affordable and you can get to anywhere from Brussels: Paris, London, Düsseldorf… Wiels is doing an excellent work, their residence program is just amazing, it gives extra energy to the city.

– Art Brussels have affordable artists and younger visions about art. It’s a great opportunity to collectors, they can discover new artist each year. Besides, they are very loyal, they support the gallerist and the artist.

– There’s a really nice show at CAB and also the Wiels exhibition. They also have to enjoy our shrimp “croquette” at Marie Joseph.

Currently Showing 
Tyson Reeder 
Until 30th of May 2015

Rossi Contemporary

– Brussels has a nice balance between the number of galleries and collectors. Berlin for example is the opposite; there are a lot of galleries but not that many buyers. There are a lot of other things but in the art market that’s the most important point.

– Art Brussels is well organised, they have a very clear position about art. Things are not mixed up here, you don’t have contemporary art in one hand and modern art on the other. The fair also became an urban phenomenon, in a very positive way and for a city like Brussels, who sometimes lack some ambition, it’s a very positive thing.

– You should see the Magritte museum in Jette and their private foundation. You can actually see his maisonette. It’s important for me, because I work with young artists. Sometimes you don’t imagine that great talents are just hidden behind anonymous houses and grey walls…

Currently Showing 
Eric Croes 
Ich Bin Wie Du
Until 16th of May 2015
Sarah Van Marcke
It Never Changes To Stop
La Grande Motte
Until 15th of May 2015
Pauline Miko
Olivia,Porttrait of A Woman In Four Sequences 
Until 15th of May 2015 
Margaux Valengin
Make Eyes 
Until 16th of May 2015

Almine Rech

– Brussels is a multicultural city, so we have a mix of different influences, it has a lot of History and it makes a lot of sense to have such a fair here. Also Belgian collectors are very accessible and they have a really deep interest in new artists. In addition to local collectors, there are also international ones who came all the way from Berlin for example.

-Brussels make the difference by itself! Also during Art Brussels you can visit some private collections that you won’t see anywhere else

– Some collectors, open their doors during the fair, you should visit some before leaving

Currently Showing 
Chris Succo
Language Of Elobow
Until 23th of May 2015 
Joel Morrison
Steel Life Crisis
Until 16th of May 2015

Sofie Van de Velde

– There’s a large group of good collectors and artists here, considering the size of the city. The atmosphere is also very positive. We have talents from all the world as well. Fially, the collectors here buy from their feeling more than from the market.

– There’s a nice blend of established arts and young artists and discoveries. It’s a good idea to focus more on the young. I would also say that it’s a very open art fair.

– Come to Antwerp: we are doing a great show with Charlotte Posenenske. You’ll find a very positive atmosphere in Antwerp too, and  it’s way easier to circulate and to see a lot in one day!

Currently Showing 
‘That’s all’
 Charlotte Posenenske
Until 31th of May 2015

Sorry We’re Closed

– Belgians are known for their curious spirit, they love to find new things. The city was founded with that quality so is very easy to talk about art here.

– Art Brussels is known for its fresh vision and to maintain that “freshness” they give a lot of space to young gallerists. It’s also different from some other fairs, as they really support young artists and are really interested in their work.

– Besides our new space, they should check the Thomas Downing exhibit. Also, if you want some proper food, not the one the fair propose, you should eat a good shrimp “croquette” at Au Vieux St Martin, place du Sablon

Currently Showing 
 Thomas Downing
Paintings: 1960-65
Until 06th of June 2015

Rodolphe Janssen

– There is a certain conviviality and simplicity between gallerists and collectors which is great for the art world. Also the absence of the show business and the financial environment let us more freedom to have new ideas.

– There’s no pressure in Art Brussels, it’s a local fair with a European spirit. It’s also a very friendly fair, with a “chill” attitude. People who attend it are more interest by the pieces than the people.

– Anne Teresa’s exhibition at the Wiels, go experiment the proximity with the dancers; it’s a minimalistic and radical experience that will go to the Pompidou, Tate and Moma. It’s actually a big thing; something from Belgium is going internationally.

Currently Showing 
Alex Perweiler
Until 23th of April 2015
Lucas Blalock,
Until 2th may 2015