Brussels-based artist Etienne Courtois’ studio space

Step inside the top floor studio space of photographer Etienne Courtois.

Etienne Courtois

Visual artist born and based in Brussels.

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When did you first move to your studio space?

May 2013.

How did you come across it?

Aline Bouvy, an artist friend, was renting it at the time and moving out to another studio.

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Why is it, in your view, best suited to your needs?

It’s a beautiful space with natural light coming through the glass roof. It’s close to home, centrally well-located and near different centres of interest such as framers, printers and suppliers.


What impact has the studio had on your work?

I work more efficiently, with more focus. I share the studio with fellow artist and friend Sébastien Bonin, so we have the opportunity to exchange views on our respective work, have a second
look. Other friends and artists regularly drop by, whi also allows for ex anging views, ideas and opinions on the work in progress.

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Can you tell us a little bit more about the space’s history and its architecture?

I am not quite sure, I think it used to be a weaving workshop. It was spread on two levels, before being split into two artist studios. A ceramist works on the other level.

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Other than your actual studio, which room you would say you spend the most time in?

Outdoors and the garden, as I shoot my pictures outdoors, using natural light.

What is the view from the studio?

The sky through the glass roof.


How would you describe the neighbourhood in which the space is located?

Central, busy, multi-faceted, between downtown and uptown.

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This feature was first published in our April-May edition.