Calling all photographic talent: the portfolio

Part of our annual re-jigging of some of the magazine’s pages and sections, we thought it necessary to shine a new light on a section of ours that, we feel, has somewhat been left to run its own course.

The portfolio is a photographic carte blanche given to a photographer whose work we like. The idea being to give the possibility to emerging talent of seeing their work published on the magazine’s pages. Up to 8 pages at that.

Two conditions. One, the work submitted must somehow or the other relate to an edition’s given title. Two, the work must exclusively be created for the magazine’s pages.

Interested ? First thing to do is email your most recent work (a PDF portfolio of no more than 8 pages including your full name and contacts details) to, with ‘Portfolio submission’ as a title. If we see a fit, we’ll be in touch within a week.

In the meantime, and in order to get your inspiration going, our 2011 editorial calendar can be found below. Get to know our albums, get a sense of what’s on our mind for each colours throught the keywords and, by all means, do already start pitching ideas.