With three days to go before our first edition of the year comes out, a little treat courtesy of Sarah: three morning after shots of, as she put it, “the débris the new years eve party people left, in the city…”

With a piece on how going cold turkey affects talent (put together by Randa), a photography feature on taking the first metro of the morning (as captured by Ulrike), a look into some of the most outrageous apocalyptic claims ever made (written by Nick Amies), a guide to preparing for a binge (developed by a Coast), a sit-down with Lacoste artistic director Christophe Lemaire (who talked to Hettie), a day-to-day documenting of the rotting effects time going past has on your morning fry-up (painstakingly photographed by Sarah) as well as a realisation that the dealers have indeed outsmarted the boys in blue (made by Alex), The Morning After Issue most definitely lives up to its name.

Add to it our Car Special – with illustrated car tests by Pierre-Philippe and a visit to Imperia – and let’s just say we’re chuffed with our first 100 pages of content for this new decade.

This first edition of 2010 also comes with some changes on the design side: a slightly wider grid to allow for more content on each page, the introduction of tags (yes yes, like those you see on blogs) and other print-online crossovers (most of the magazine’s content will now be brought to life on the blog so stay tuned) as well as an even bolder spine. Oh, and our eponymous Post-it page has been replaced…

Back from the printers on Friday, subscribers will get it first, with the rest of you having to wait until next week. (Subscription information an distribution points here)