Dirk Braeckman and Zarina Bhimji in Amsterdam double expo

 After a major retrospective in Leuven’s M Museum last year, Belgian photographer Dirk Braeckman, perhaps the country’s most prominent, is back with a new exhibition – a new collection of images and even an experimental foray into film – both in Amsterdam and Erfurt. He is joined by British artist Zarina Bhimji, whose creations are inspired by global travels and sit somewhere between film and painting. 

Dirk Braeckman

His expo at De Appel, which opens tonight, is a selection of carefully chosen new photographs that are, as always, heavily charged with atmosphere and shimmer in all conceivable shades of grey.  “In the end it matters more how I photograph something than what”, Braeckman confided in a recent interview with The Word, adding: “My way of working is very impulsive. I never know what I want before I actually start shooting. I don’t arrange the setting. The golden thread running through my work is the autobiographical aspect – but not in an obvious way”.

Dirk Braeckman

Probably Belgium’s most prominent photographer, Braeckman, based in Ghent and a teacher at KASK, is also known for reworking negatives that have been lying untouched in his personal archive for years. For the exhibition at De Appel, the photographer rooted around in his stash and selected a number of images never before seen in print. And here’s another first: the artist will also be unveiling his latest foray into film – a lesser-known aspect of his oeuvre.

Zarina Bhimji

Moving images are the core practice of British artist Zarina Bhimji, whose creations are being showcased alongside Braeckman’s. Her film ‘Yellow Patch’, shot entirely in India, will be premiering at the De Appel Arts Centre and explores the issue of trade and immigration routes across the Indian Ocean. Bhimji’s artworks, especially ‘Waiting’, shot in East Africa, feature a carefully developed sense of abstraction that places them somewhere between film and paintings.

Opening 16th November
Exhibition runs until 31st March
De Appel, Prins Hendrikkade 142 – 1011 AT Amsterdam