Graphic design exhibition Eat symbols opens at Pimpinelle in Brussels

 Cooking and graphic design? This rather unlikely melange is being dished up at Pimpinelle as it hosts its first ever Design September art exhibition. We’ve managed to nail a behind the scenes look and at the installation of this unique foody expo.

Pimpinelle is a one-of-a-kind kitchen concept store, a Rue de Flandre hotspot that sells such unlikely kitchen utensils as vintage mayonnaise makers and beautiful modern versions of old-school enamel pots. They also host cooking and photography classes and offer food in a backroom café. Owner Aline de Gottal has decided that this weekend Pimpinelle will play host to its very first art exhibition. On show is a complex, multi-layered installation by Belgian graphic design collective Harry + LVH, made up of Ronan Deriez, Pierre-Philippe Duchâtelet, Eve Giordani and Lionel Maes. Based on the recipe of Beef Bourguignon, the four-piece have developed, through a rather complicated method, a way to present the cooking instructions and cooking process not only graphically but also via sound. “We analysed the recipe, then formalised it and as a next step translated it into visual elements and sound”, they explain, adding: “For example, each ingredient is represented by a different frequency.” A fresh, original and highly intellectual approach to cooking that we highly recommend.

Eat symbols by Harry+LVH
From 8th to 29th September
Pimpinelle, Rue de flandre 57 – 1000 Brussels