Facing the blank canvas: Manor Grunewald

Calling yourself an artist, musician or writer is all well and fine whilst the brush strokes, music notes and words flow abundantly, but what really defines a true creative from mere impostors is their ability to face – and embrace – a white sheet of paper in the knowledge that, at some point during the day, that eureka moment will come.

“(I don’t fear the blank canvas at all). I have learned to treat the canvas like a piece of paper. When you make a silly drawing on paper and it isn’t good at all you just throw it away or try to make something out of it. I work on different paintings at one time, it’s better to reflect and see how things work and get influenced by each other. If something doesn’t work out, I just paint it over or test something further on the image. In this way the relationship between you as a painter and the images is totally different when you would work on one canvas at a time.” Manor Grunewald is an artist currently working on a large oil painting for a group show at the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam as well as on his upcoming solo show at Gallery fortlaan 17 and his new book coming out in February 2012.

Manor Grunwald
“I always wanted to be David Copperfield, but I turned out to be a painter”
Until 28th January 2012
Galerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent