Five Belgian galleries to visit during the Affordable Art Fair

Still the fair of choice for first-time collectors looking to get a foothold in the world of contemporary art, the Affordable Art Fair opens to the public this Friday. Setting up shop in Brussels’ venerable Tour & Taxi, it boasts a promising lineup of young artists as well as 95 local and international galleries. Here’s our pick of the five booths to visit.

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1. Macadam, Brussels

Obérer, Des Nués descendant escalier II, bois.

Situated in the lively neighbourhood of the Marolles in Brussels, Macadam Gallery is a place where visitors can browse through its substantive collection of art books, lounge in their library or admire the art hanging on the walls. The gallery occasionally organises workshops and concerts, aiming to attract as wide and diverse audience as possible. Among some of the gallery’s artists are Agnès Baillon, Laurent Diereick, Damien Gard, and Johan Van Mullen. During the fair this weekend, the gallery will be showing Belgian artist Obêtre, with works such as Des Nués descendant l’excalier II, an intricately aligned ensemble that suggests musical arrangement.

Stand N° C6

2. Arielle d’Hauterives, Brussels

Baiba Osite, The one who is coming papier.
Baiba Osite, The one who is coming papier

Owner Arielle of Hauterives opened up her gallery back in 2010 in Saint Gilles, keen on representing and promoting the work of young and emerging artists of diverse backgrounds. The gallery’s space has a warm and contrasting atmosphere, nonetheless welcoming, with an eclectic and diverse selection of works. Among the artists represented are Yuko Nakaya, Oxana Taran, Nuria Della Rosa Alice Pieters, and Baiba Osite. The latter’s work will be highlighted at the gallery’s stand this year, with a delicate, topographically suggestive collage of sporadically coloured paper.

Stand N° C5

3. Gery Art, Namur

Pauline Tonglet, Des multiplic ations passagères (détails), 2014 - 177 x 57 cm, crayons, couture, collage, impression. copy
Pauline Tonglet, Des multiplic ations passagères (détails), 2014.

Among some of the artists Namur’s Gery Art gallery represents are Anneke Lauwaert, Pauline Tonglet, Véronique Gérard and Bilal Bahir. Owner Gery Pirlot de Corbion’s gallery serves as a platform to explore new art in diverse media, from paintings, lithographs and monotypes to sculptures, furniture and ceramics. It showcases both well-known and lesser-known artists, ranging from Picasso and Panamarenko to Philippine Bouvier, a young photographer. Belgian artist Pauline Tonglet, pictured, will be featured at their stand at the Affordable Art Fair with a collage of mixed media – a landscape of intimate subjects in a dreamlike atmosphere.

Stand N° B5

4. Artelli, Antwerp

Klaartje Lambrechts.
Klaartje Lambrechts.

Artelli is an Antwerp-based gallery with a strong focus on photography, showcasing an alluring selection of artists, among them Klaartje Lambrechts who will be at their stand. Lambrechts (1976) uses photography to explore human emotions intertwined with graphic or architectural perspectives. Quite often, she works with portraits and conceptual photography with an emphatic use of lighting such as with her work “The silences is here again tonight” which will be shown at the fair this weekend.

Stand N° E19

5. Art 22, Brussels

Nikolay Konstantinov, The Lake. 2015.
Nikolay Konstantinov, The Lake. 2015.
Peter Lippmann, Paradise Parking, 2011.
Peter Lippmann, Paradise Parking, 2011.

Located in the heart of Brussels, in what evolved from their Espace Art 22 in Ixelles, Art 22 gallery is the creation of photographer Eric de Ville and art historian Didier Brouwers. The two sought to create a space for emerging national and international artists, where originality and quality take prime spot. In 2014, Didier and Eric opened Art 22 near place du Jeu de Ball, offering visibility to a selective list of artists and catering to veteran and young art collectors alike. On show at their stand at the Affordable Art Fair is Nikolay Konstantinov, with 3D printed art works such as Lake, and Peter Lippmann’s eerie and surreal photography.

Stand N° B4