Five reasons not to miss deSingel’s BOUGE B

Innovative performance festival BOUGE B is taking over Antwerp’s deSingel from Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th of April, injecting plenty of passion and corporeal tension to this year’s programme. Renowned for its fresh perspective and multisensory approach to performance art, we select five reasons why deSingel’s festival is one to be noted.

deSingel’s BOUGE B festival is packed full of cutting-edge performances, including the Belgian premiere of South Korean choreographer-cum-performer Geumhyung Jeong’s Oil Pressure Vibrator. This solo performance blurs the boundaries between physicality and the natural world through challenging perceptions of female sexuality. By radically departing from conventional performance styles, Jeong forces the audience to question how technology impacts bodily autonomy.

Next stop on this whirlwind tour of passionate showcases are Argentinian-slash-Austrian duo Cecilia Bengolea and Florentina Holzinger. You might remember Holzinger from her explosive 2015 performance Recovery – you can expect nothing less when this dream team joins forces for an ecologically motivated purpose. In fact, Bengolea and Holzinger’s inspiration comes from the eerie praying mantis species whilst incorporating Afro-Caribbean infused dance forms. Rounded off with a spectacular soundtrack of cumbia, this is not to be missed.

In celebration of a decade of BOUGE B, Filipino visual artist and dancer Eisa Jocson is back on the premises again. She left a lasting impact following her 2015 performance Macho Dancer, which re-evaluated the nightclub culture in her hometown of Manila. Anticipate great things with her brand-new piece Corponomy, a lecture is fused within the performance for an immersive adventure into the gender power struggles of her artistic universe.

Interdisciplinary artist Jenna Sutela offers a multi-sensory experience with Extremophile. Zooming in on the microcosm of single-cell fungi might sound overwhelmingly technical – yet, her merging of first-hand documents and the European Space Agency’s rituals provide an accessible glimpse at life beyond Earth. Playing with social and material realities, Extremophile identifies how these bacteria impact our solar system.

Not to mention, after these awe-inspiring performances, deSingel is wrapping up with a line-up of sizzling concerts to keep your feet moving til late, from synth-pop delight WWWater to stateside technical wizard Rafiq Bhatia and many more. Don’t sleep.

Running from Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th of April.