An interview with hot and up-and-coming Brussels design practice Hopop Studio

Hopop Studio was created by two friends who studied architecture together, first at St Luc and later at La Cambre. Right after graduation in September last year, they rented their first atelier where the they began to renovate, transform, renew, recycle and create furniture. Originally just a personal hobby, they suddenly started getting orders: “We never decided to open up a studio, it opened itself up,” Thomas says. See for yourselves at this weekend’s Open Doors initative as part of Brussels’ Design September.

Why is it important for you to take part in the open doors weekend? 

We were very happy when the creative director of Design September contacted us. The Open Doors initiative is a great chance to show people what we do. For us it’s quite significant because we are still very young and just started out last year right after finishing our studies. It will be good to get some feedback.

Are you presenting any specific this weekend? 

Not really. We get a lot of orders from clients and when the project is finished we have to send it directly to the client, so there are never that many pieces standing around in our studio. But of course the visitors will be able to see some of our most recent works.

What do you hope visitors will gain through visiting your work space?

They can see what we do and how we do it. And they can discover that recycling or restoration can mean more than just repairing an old object. You can arrive at a finished product that looks like it’s completely new.

Which studio do you wish would open its doors? 

We really like Droog, 5.5 Designers, Anish Kapoor and Richard Serra – so it would be great to see what their creative processes are like.

From 14th to 15th September
Hopop Studio, Rue St Bernardstraat 34-36 – 1060 Brussels
Atelier 4 – 5th Floor
Friday 18h00 – 21h00
Saturday 11h00 – 19h00