We’re known to expect a lot of our interns. Fact is, we don’t drink coffee so there’s none of that for them to make. Our copier’s most often than not out-of-order, so they get off on that one easily too. And we don’t really eat lunch so they very rarely have to nip out to the local sandwich bar for office orders. Which leaves them with a lot of time on their hands. Time they’re encouraged to bring their personal touch to the magazine’s pages, be they print or web. Former photography intern Joke de Wilde had dug out an unlikely Word-hero for our Yellow Album’s cover whilst Pauline Miko, our current one, has been shooting our ‘The suggestion’ column for the past weeks as well as photographing her grandmother’s snowball collection for our white album (catch it when it’s out, on 25th November). All in all, we put our trusted army of interns to work. So, when we realised that our current graphic design intern Raya Rayax took to altering perceptions with her juxtapositions of photographs she takes on her spare time, we asked her to create a series of white-themed animations for us. Taking as starting point light sources, she delivers an eerie, if slightly haunting, series of gifs that somehow manages to instantly give us a new-found respect and love for web-enhanced arts.

All images by Raya Rayax


Light. It sometimes points you in the right direction.


Light. It sometimes entertains you.


Light. It sometimes comes from outside.


Light. Sometimes you receive it.

star 450

Light. Sometimes you dance to it.

projector 450

Light. It sometimes is captured on tape.


Light. It sometimes is imaginary.


Light. Sometimes you try to catch it.

ruka 450

Light. It sometimes is artificial.

crystal ball 450

Light. It sometimes is magic.


Light. It often can be found at the end of the tunnel.


Light. It sometimes becomes an addiction.