Open doors at Brussels’ design, architecture and film production hub L’Amicale

In a shared space in Brussels’ St. Gilles neighbourhood there’s a seasoned bunch of creatives who will be flinging open their studio doors to the public this weekend. Witness a bunch of bona fide designers in their natural habitat at L’Amicale, with graphic designers from pleaseletmedesign, architects from Label architecture and video makers from Michigan Films, who’ve united all their creative power under one roof. With Design September in full swing, we dropped in on pleaseletmedesign’s Damien Aresta who told us why you should go check it out . 

Why was it important for you to take part in the Open Doors weekend?

It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and do something different.

Are you presenting anything specific this weekend? 

This year we are presenting a series of exhibitions in our offices, and every two months we put on another show in collaboration with Gregory De Cock. This weekend’s Open Doors coincides with one of the exhibitions. This one will show works by Sébastien Bonin under the title ‘1 minute’.

Why are you not showing your own work?

When we participated in Design September’s Open Doors programme for the first time four years ago, that’s exactly what we did. But that’s a bit boring. We like to use it as an opportunity for collaborations and to do something different.

What do you hope visitors will gain through visiting your work space?

Even if we’re not focused on showing our own work, participating in Open Doors lets people know we exist. And they can discover our way of thinking, what we like, our philosophy, our mentality. That’s something very important.

Which studio do you wish would open its doors? And whose work are you quite big on at the moment? 

We really like what Project Projects in New York, a graphic design studio, are doing. They combine the American way of thinking with a European vision. We’re also big fans of Enzo Mari, who wrote a do-it-yourself-book about furniture, a kind of manifesto, in the 70s.

From 14th to 15th September
L’amicale Label architecture (Architecture) +
Michigan Films (Movie production) +
Pleaseletmedesign (graphic design)
Rue d’Andennestraat 1 – 1060 Brussels
Friday 18h00 – 21h00
Saturday 11h00 – 19h00