Having grown up near Lille, promising young French-born photographer Margaux Carron recently arrived to Brussels to study Visual Arts at the renowned La Cambre school. Her interpretation of the ‘new beginnings’ theme saw Margaux shoot a mini series exclusively for The Word – the third installment of our ongoing series on upcoming Belgium-based photography talents.

How would you describe your work?

My photography is particularly based on impressions that I can feel. I try to translate these states through pictures of snapshots or mises en scene. Some pictures are built from concepts.

What forms the basis of your work?

I like working with series. I try to photograph things that appeal to me: landscapes, people’s faces, objects… then sometimes I mix these ideas to make people understand my feelings and thoughts about the theme. I’ve taken part in many fashion shoots. I like working as part of a team because it allows me to improve myself.

Why do you prefer to work on film rather than digital?

When I’m using my argentic, I have to think more about what I’m going to photograph. And I like waiting a little to discover the photos after a shoot…

Which photographer would you say most influences your work?

I like to draw inspiration from photographers who work in a different way. The works of Annie LeppalaJuergen TellerDorothée SmithMisha de RidderErwin Olaf interest me a lot.

Do you remember the first time you picked up a camera? what was it that you photographed?

During holidays when I was young, I was very keen on taking pictures with an automatic argentic camera that belonged to my parents. I especially liked taking portaits of my family. Later, with my friends, we used to spend afternoons just taking pictures. It was fun to use our first digital cameras. But in the end, I was very pleased to get back my mother’s old Minolta camera !

What equipment do you work with?

I buy color films lomography 400 ISO which I use in my argentic, a Minolta X700. Otherwise, I use black and white Kodak Tmax 400 films. Sometimes, during my travels, I use my Diana. I like it because the square size gives a different approach.

How did the theme new beginnings inspire you ?

The series new beginnings inspired me to take portraits of my sister. The world of young adults is sometimes synonymous with “bad patches”… but also sometimes, the beginning of new projects … In this series, I tried to make images of the states that these future adults are in. These feelings are suggested through portraits but also objects or places that are typical of adolescence… to do it in a given time was a real challenge! The theme allowed me to concretise my ideas about adolescence.

What were you aiming to do with this series?

I wanted to deal with the difficulty of being young; that difficult passage to adulthood. When you’re 16 years old, you feel doubt and anxiety, fear for the future… all these elements are obstacles teenagers have to overcome. This series shows the stages of these feelings, combined with the idea of starting new things.