On the streets of Belgium, Part 2: Eva Donckers

The Word Magazine and Fujifilm are partnering up fo Fujifilm’s free photography workshop – already fully booked – centred on the art of street photography, in the presence of Fujifilm Ambassador Ioannis Tsouloulis. Known for his simplistic yet powerful portraits, Ioannis will introduce you to street-style portrait photography using the Fujifilm X Series cameras, covering all aspects from lighting and subject selection. And of course, workshop participants will get the chance to shoot with one of the Fujifilm X Series cameras too, amidst other goodies.

We equipped our own in-house photographers with a Fujifilm X Series camera and sent them out to capture our streets. Next up is Overpelt’s Eva Donckers, sticking to home-turf snaps ranging from the nostalgic to fresh perspectives on familiar places. Frituur SUPER, in particular: “I guess most people just pass it without truly looking at it” she remarks. As ever, the beauty is all in the details.