The indefatigable and near indestructible KKGB gang produced one of the most ambitious fashions series to have graced the magazine pages for our Rough Edges Issue. Indeed, each day of shoot was a cacophony of surreal situations, future-funky hairdos and menacing weapons. Before we show you the series in its entirety as well as a couple of extra shots (scroll down further), here’s a brilliant video the troupe produced of two of the serie’s gangs, The Warriors and The Hockey Jocks.

Photography, fashion & art direction KKGB


The Warriors


Left to right, top to bottom: Byram Model’s Own — Jérémie wears Tank top “Le Fabuleux Marcel de Bruxelles”, Sheep skin vest Costumart, Jeans and boots Model’s Own — Selwyn wears Jeans Diesel, Zipped boots Sacha — Raphael wears Jeans Denham from RSRV — Ezekiel wears Jeans Diesel, Lace up boots Boss Orange — Enzo wears Jeans Denham from RSRV, Tee shirt and Trainers Model’s Own — Idrissa wears Jeans Closed, Lace up boots Sacha — Jurgen wears Jeans Diesel, Chains Model’s Own, Boots Sacha, Leather vests and batons Costumart

The Lizzies


Marjolijn wears Vest Mais il est où le soleil?, Dress Patrizia Pepe, Belt (worn as a necklace) Ikks, Necklace Nico Taeymans, Clutch and cuff Delvaux, Bracelet and necklace (worn as a bracelet) & ring Swarovski, Booties Robert Clergerie — Sandrine wears Sweater dress Natascha Stolle from Hunting & Collecting, Belt Model’s Own, Feather headband Costumart, Necklace Marion Vidal, Bracelet & ring Thomas Sabo, Necklace (worn as a bracelet)& Bracelet Longchamp, Clutch Model’s Own, Boots Rog Willer — Sabrina wears Dress h&m, Necklace Marion Vidal, Belt Patrizia Pepe, Feather headband Costumart, Ring Melody Eshani @ KakkoiiiroBag Gucci − Khloe wears Tee shirt h&m, Leggings Filles à Papa, Necklace and bracelet Marion Vidal, Shoes Model’s Own − Louise wears Tank Ikks, Leggings and clutch Filles à Papa, Necklace Marion Vidal, Wedges Robert Clergerie − Julie wears Cardigan Hoss, Top Jean-Paul Knott, Leggings Patrizia Pepe, Feather bracelets Mais il est où le soleil?, Clutch Model’s Own, Shoes Robert Clergerie.

The Fixies


Leon wears Cardigan Tommy Hilfiger, Shirt Essentiel Homme, Shorts épisode, Hat Costumart, Trainers JoJo’s —Xavier wears Vest éric Bompard, Tee shirt Vandenvos, Shorts épisode, Socks and shoes Model’s Own —Yoann wears Shirt Tommy Hilfiger, Trousers Lacoste, Trainers Model’s Own —Romain wears Cardigan Lacoste, Trousers Céline Collard, Shirt and shoes Model’s Own —Hannibal wears Cardigan “Le Fabuleux Marcel de Bruxelles”, Shirt Tommy Hilfiger, Trousers Hugo by Hugo BossCape Model’s Own, Trainers JoJo’s.

The Hockey Jocks


Pedro wears Jacket Onitsuka Tiger, Tee shirt Superdry, Jeans Levi’s, Trainers Nike —Nicolas wears Jacket Levi’s, Cardigan Boss Green, Jeans h&m, Tee shirt and Sneakers Onitsuka Tiger— Joe wears Jacket l.o.g.g., Polo Onitsuka Tiger, Shorts Model’s Own, Trainers Converse —Karim wears Jacket épisode, Tee shirt Nike, Jeans Filippa K, Trainers Nike —Rokko wears Jacket Nike, Hoodie Superdry, Tee shirt Nike, Trousers Bellerose, Sneakers Diesel.

The Circus


Hyun wears Blazer Costumart, Tee shirt Filippa K, Trousers Essentiel Woman, Necklace Uto Pia, Brooch “La mouche à deux culs” from Lez-arts-cachés, Trainers Perso —Ilyas wears Woman blazer and Tee shirt h&m, Trousers épisode, Necklace Uto Pia, Shoes Sacha —Jean-Baptiste wears Jacket Closed, Woman’s top h&m, Pants épisode, Necklace Uto Pia, Brooch “La mouche à deux culs”, Bracelet Model’s Own, Stick Costumart, Shoes h&m − Deborah wears Lamé vest Costumart, Trousers épisode, Necklace Uto Pia, Shirt Model’s Own, Socks Rue Blanche, Boots Sacha —Yves wears Vest Diesel, Tee shirt Filles à Papa, Trousers Rue Blanche, Necklace Uto Pia, Shoes Model’s Own —Minh wears Perfecto Agnès b. Femme, Tank top “Le Fabuleux Marcel de Bruxelles”, Trousers épisode, Necklace Uto Pia, Suspenders Costumart, Trainers Fago.

And here are the picture you weren’t supposed to see…



Photographer Gabriele Trapani
Photographer’s assistant Basile Cuvelier
Art director Nam Simonis
Fashion Amarande Angely, Brunel Mintona
Hair & make up Orla McKeating & Miaou and Eileen with Redken
Video Federico Zanghì
Editing Matthieu Becker
Casting & Executive Production Soumaya DanceMachine

Thanks to

Tamarind FoodsLa Fabrique 22A, Belinda Cordier from C’est Chic, Fred@CutMe, Nico & Yoann from Reservoir Shop, Marie-Pierre Duquenois, Cristina Damman & Costumart

And all the gangs

The Warriors: Jurgen, Idrissa, Ezekiel, Selwyn, Enzo, Jeremie, Byriam, Raphael
The Lizzies: Sabrina, Marjolijn, Julie, Sandrine, Louise, Khloe
The Fixies: Xavier, Romain, Leon, Hannibal, Yoann
The Hockey Jocks: Joe, Karim, Rokko, Nicolas, Pedro
The Circus: Jean-Baptiste, Hyun, Minh, Ilyas, Deborah, Yves