Rise and shine: Photographer Julie Calbert

“I like telling stories with oneiric undertones,” says 25 year old photographer Julie Calbert. A recent graduate of Brussels’ INRACI, the Brussels-based artist creates and captures mystifying, mysterious and mesmerizing atmospheric moments, solemnising timeless instants of beauty that often owe more to their past existence than their present one. More akin to snapshots of the unexpected than to calculated compositions of the predicable, Julie’s considerable body of work considering her young age delights in its sheer beauty and maturity. She possesses an uncanny ability to detect the meaningful in a sea of everyday, spotting those little things you wouldn’t necessarily see, let alone deem worthy of a photograph: a chandelier, a landscaped-wallpaper, lakes in Sweden, eerie forests. It is the way she captures these, however, that makes her work so endearing and distinguishes Julie from the rest. Indeed, the blue tones used throughout her many series, omnipresent and defining, hark back to her fascination with dreams and memories: “(the colour) brings a certain lightness to my images,” she explains “just like in dreams or memories.” Think of her as a dreamcatcher.

(first published in the blue album)