Photography: Winners of the Nikon Press Photo Awards 2010

Press photography is that oft-forgotten corner in the world of professional photography that really never gets a lot of attention. It doesn’t exactly have the same cachet as fine art photography, nor does it have the glamour and sparkle of, say, fashion photography. One thing you cannot deny, though, is that it has a sense a urgency and purpose other forms of photography lack. Press photography has a function. It plays an important role in modern society. It speaks more than a thousand words…

In a bid to give the genre the support it deserves and shine a light on the up-and-coming talent emerging from the press corp the world over, Nikon bestows its prestigious Nikon Press Awards on what it believes is the most beautiful and/or original press picture taken by a Belgian photographer. It does so through two categories – The Nikon Press Award for 30 + photographers and the Young Promising Award for under 30s. This year, Olivier Papegnies wins The Nikon press award for his work in Haiti (a selection of which you can see below), whilst the Young Promising Award goes to Katrijn van Giel for her photograph of a Pakistani boy taking in his new reality following the devastating floods that occurred in the Swat valley.

Photographer Olivier Papegnies

Photographer: Olivier Papegnies

Photographer Olivier Papegnies

Photographer Katrijn Van Giel