Above, a curated collection of the suggestive and sexy. Below, a story about a story, with hints of celebrity. Both are online projects. And both make Polaroids a very possible project after all.

The kinky collectors – Pornaloid

“What better medium to capture your girlfriend naked?” suggests Gilles Kasverdenko, co-founder of Tumblr instant hit Pornaloid. A tasteful, passionate and only but slightly kinky blog roll, Pornaloid is instant erotica: “A Pornaloid is a game. It’s sexy, never vulgar, or just that little bit,” continues Gilles who, together with designer and pleaseletmedesign founder Damien, started the page about a year ago. Scouring the web for these lost moments of intimacy, their collection blends found images, their own, as well as submissions they receive – the one and only rule they’ve imposed on themselves being that every picture must be an authentic instant. With plans to publish these gems in books that will feature a selection of snapshots by regular “pornaloiders”, such as Stuart Mitchell, April Lea Hutchinson, Kevin Kay, Collin J. Rae, Sascha Smut, Phil Garcia, Thibault Tourmente or Joël Blanter, as well as others by special guests.


The thrill-seeker – No Balls, No Glory: A Polaroid Story

Jay Electronica called me once at 3am for some small talk and I ended up Polaroid shopping and clubbing with Theophilus London in Berlin,” recalls blogger/model/photographer/party promoter Elisabeth Ouni, the brains behind No Balls, No Glory: A Polaroid Story, a blog the Ostende/Oostende native started three years back. A diary that is just as much about the story as it is about the story behind the story, it is the intimate and honest way her trials and tribulations are recounted that draws you in. That, and the mind-boggling amount of instant classics she’s amassed. She’s photographed everyone from Pharrell, Erykah Badu and Gil Scott-Heron to Snoop Dogg and M.I.A., although these many successes haven’t tamed her resolve one bit. Her wish list still counts a number of targets (soul and R’n’B legends Grace Jones, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Diana Ross and Sade to name but a few) and she’s still working on getting that Jay-Z Polaroid. Something tells us it’ll only be a matter of time before Mr Carter’s saying cheese.