We first encountered Michèle Matyn’s photographic work at this year’s edition of Art Brussels, at the Antwerp gallery Base Alpha’s booth. Her enlarged Polaroid series Dropstein captured our gaze with its mystical and somewhat eerie close-ups of stalactites. Her endearing and uncanny work teams with folklore and references to distant cultures. This and her sensitivity to nature at times converge with her travels and unexpected journeys through time, space, and memory, to form the basis of her oeuvre. For our Design September edition, we sat down with the Antwerp-based artist to talk about the freedom and solitude that shapes her work, life, and the sometimes vague delineation between the two.

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Dropstein#1 copy
Dropstein #1
Dropstein#2 copy
Dropstein #2
Dropstein#3 copy
Dropstein #3
Dropstein#4 copy 
Dropstein #4
All photographs courtesy of Michèle Matyn.