Sarah Morris at Museum M Leuven

With her paintings, such as Solar Eclipse, London-born, New York-based artist Sarah Morris (1967) depicts abstract, lively and clean-cut patterns referencing the colour codes and architectural motifs of cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Beijing and Los Angeles. Showing this and other paintings, four films and her most recent mural, Museum M Leuven dedicates a major solo exhibition to Morris, an internationally-acclaimed contempoary artist. Given Morris’ background in semiotics, visitors can expect an oeuvre aiming at critically examining the social institutions of the world’s metropolises, of a city’s corporate institutions, media, and architecture.


© Sarah Morris, Academia Militar [Rio], 2014.


© Sarah Morris, Annual Solar Eclipse [Rio], 2014.

Sarah Morris
From 18th October 2015 to 20th March 2016
Museum M Leuven, Leuven