Teenage angst: Artist Lisa Lapierre’s three-month stay at our residency project

With a final presentation of her work opening this Thursday at our residency for emerging Belgian artists, we put a few questions to the Brussels-based artist and talk collaborations, keeping things cosy and showing her work to a stranger for the first time.

You’ve been working at the residency for the past three months. How would you qualify your stay?

It was like taking a break from my everyday life routine, having the chance to put together ideas and projects which were in the back of my mind for a very long time. Staying at Dusangneuf was, in a way, relaxing, not having to care about how to produce this or that. It was cosy and cerebral.

12916767_10209521900112196_7979971695562154413_o (1)

You moved into the residency at the start of February. What were your expectations then and would you say you’ve met them?

I expected to have time for both work and experimentations. I did both, which is awesome.

DSCF5536 copy

If you had to pinpoint one thing that the residency allowed you to achieve, what would it be?

My first book “Blem”, which I’ve been working on for more than a year now together with  graphic designer Maxime Dendraen and bookbinder, Simon Ruaut. And also the collaboration with the designer Mansour Badjoko (read an interview we published with Mansour here), which will be followed by a capsule collections of sweatshirt and t-shirt in the upcoming year.

IMG_0431 copy

If you had to pinpoint a moment which will ensure your time spent at the residency remains memorable, what would it be?

The first time I had to present my work to a stranger.

DSCF5522 copy 2

You’ll be hosting an artist talk as well as opening your studio to the public on Thursday 5th May. What can we expect to see?

In some way, all the work I’ve created during these last three months and the accomplishment of a first try-out as an artist. As well as a lot of emotional content.