Living like Belgian kings at Spain’s ARCOmadrid fair with Sam Steverlynck

We sneaked one of our throwaway camera’s in art critic Sam Steverlynck’s suitcase during his visit to the ARCOmadrid art fair, and its many side shows. This is what he brought back: snapshots of enjoying the royal lifestyle.

Jamon! Jamon!

The stunning retrospective by the American artist Bruce Conner at Reina Sofia.

A performance drawing in crowds in the gallery and the streets.

Bar Cock – still going strong after all these years – the inofficial ARCOmadrid hang-out.

Kendell Geers denouncing police violence.

Carlos Aires in front of one of his works.

Tatjana Pieters and partner in front of work by Philippe Van Snick.

Gerald Deweer and Sofie Crabbé from Deweer Gallery in front of a sculpture by Enrique Marty that must have scared more than one visitor at the fair.

Tim Van Laere in front of a painting by Kati Heck that was sold within ten minutes.

The omni-present Angela del la Cruz.

Nathalie Obadia Brussels director Constance Dumas in front of a work by Joris Van de Moortel.

An installation by the Belgian duo Arocha Schraenen.

One of the strengths of ARCOmadrid is its connection with South America.

Record covers by Alice Wagner, with the Machu Picchu in the background, from the Hochschield collection from Lima at Sala Alcala 31.

Cocktail time.

The Palacio de Cristal with a soundpiece by Lothar Baumgarten.

Club Florida’s official party.

Two horny collectors desperately looking for a young, green leaf.

The Gallery Meessen De Clercq team and curator Katerina Gregos.

The former meat packing district renovated in the creative art hub Matadero.