With the third edition of Un-Scene having opened at Wiels last weekend, we publish a series of photographs shot by assistant curator Marwann Frikach during the exhibition’s set-up. The show runs until 9th August.

Read our highlights of Un-Scene III here.  

Hedwig Houben, The Collector and Its Host, installation in progress.
F1000002Lodovica Michelin and Kasper Bosmans, unpacking time.
F1000003 The place for Béatrice Balcou’s performance: Untitled Ceremony #06.F1000007Jean-Baptiste Bernadet’s plates sunbathe.
F1000008Valérian Goalec and Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, thinking time.F1000009Thomas Bernardet’s lucky charm.F1000010Jean-Baptiste Bernadet through Hedwig Houben’s piece.
F1000011Fredji Hayebin, Kasper Bosmans and Romain Poussin working on Milk.
F1000012Jean-Baptiste Bernadet’s plates, installation in progress.F1000013
Erika Hock’s Elbow and Knees series just arrived.
F1000016Marina Pinsky checks the light on her piece.
F1000018Unintentional wood leftovers sculpture.F1000019
Stephanie Kiwitt hanging her GYM series.
F1000020Mr Laser chatting up with Mrs Shelve in front of Stephania Kiwitt CHOCO CHOCO series.
Freek Wambacq is ready to cook.F1000022Just one table left.
F1000024The slime looks delicious.
F1000025Iro Biehler last condition checking before opening.

Time for a well-deserved roasted chicken sandwich.