Foreseen at Poppositions

We gave a throwaway camera to local art collective Foreseen and asked them to capture their every adventure at this year’s edition of Poppositions. They diligently came through, and even put together a little accompanying text, complete with broken (but oh-so-cute) English and all.

“If we start from the begining, Foreseen was created to provide a way of widening our inner space so that it can accommodate new sensations, new perceptions of showing art or again, new experiences. Usually we are the providers of spaces and speakers to artists we present, but when we’ve learned that we were taken at “Popposition Art Fair 2015″, we felt like it was kind of our own residency. We took back all of our researches, our questions, our wishes and our archives to make a point on who we were, and most of all, what we wanted it to become. At this time, we decided to put our six artistic skills together in order to create materials on which we could lay on to engage discussions about us, the fair, the market, our place in this market and the position of every participants of Poppositions. As the Fair offered us a space with physical limits, which we usually don’t have, we decided to create an ephemeral office where each person crossing the door could be a potential actor of the creation of our project.To make the talk more comfortable, we’ve set up a whole office, and encourage people to have a bowl of instant noodles or a cup of tea with us. Just to chat. After a few days on the Fair, we could see two kind of visitors, the one which gave a quick look inside the room, quite unsure of what to see in it. Art? bullshit? a lost contemporary art cause? or just the Poppositions office (Yes, people asked!) And on the other way, the curious, the reckless, or most daring visitors. We have to say that we were kind of surprised of how seriously people took our project and how beneficial it has been to chat with each of them. We ended our poppositions residency feeling grown up and thrilled to move on with future projects and collaborations.”

OOO installation ft. happy curator


This is the beginning of a “mulet”


This is the second best sneakers seen at the fair


Sharing noodles and showing our video


On the opening night everyone was between drunk and not


Gaby Coco Beverly in front of Robert Quint’s installation


This is a bogoss curator




This is Anne Franssen surprised


You can’t see it but this is artist Pauline Miko checking our book


This is a happy curator


Nothing to say


This is crazy eyes


This is OOO 


Second impressions 


Third impressions 


Found that in a back room, could have been one of our pieces if we hadn’t found anything till’ the opening.


This is from DASH




Feeling at home 


You might wanna cry


Basics: Sauge & sneakers


First Impressions 


Basics: Pizzas, tissues & GURL$