To mark her nomination in this year’s edition of the Young Belgian Art Prize – alongside other Word alumni Max Pinckers and Hannelore Van Dijck – we asked Brussels-based artist Hana Miletic – whose contribution to the twice-yearly prize was a series of daily poetry readings involving herself as well as an continuously changing cast of mostly amateur performers – to capture her daily going-ons armed with one of our famed throwaway cameras.


Info screen in the entrance hall of Bozar with a commercial message from one of its sponsors


Left hand balustrade of Rotonde Bertouille where my work is installed during the Young Belgian Art Prize exhibition in Bozar with the timetable of readers for my project Tenir Paroles designed by Studio Jurgen Maelfeyt – daily live poetry readings at 2 pm or at 7 pm during the nocturnes on Thursday.


Right hand balustrade of Rotonde Bertouille with from left to right: Yoko Theeuws (collaborator of Vk*art projects), Sven Dehens (artist) and Godart Bakkers (writer and curator at These Things Take Time and Art Cinema OFFoff in Ghent)


Central balustrade of Rotonde Bertouille with the painted frieze by Lola Lasurt and a shy guard in the back.


Audience gathering before a live poetry reading with a.o. from left to right Godart Bakkers and Lisa Spilliaert (artist).


Found sculpture while walking on the street around Simonis.


Found sculpture while walking on the street around Simonis


Shelve in my home office / studio with from left to right the very inspiring book Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire, a copy of the poetry book Tenir Paroles (APE #046) that I composed with lyrics from a collective of young, Brussels-based rappers I work with and the vinyl single Kiss Kiss Kiss by Yoko Ono.


Found sculptural situation while walking on the street near Yser.


Protest banner at Allée du Kaai, a temporary reactivation of a vacant plot in the Brussels’ canal zone by non-profit organisation Toestand.


Children’s corner at Allée du Kaai.


Eva Sauermann (artist & set designer) getting ready to read in Rotonde Bertouille, Bozar.


Stefan Vanthuyne (photographer & columnist) and David Widart (photographer) chatting after Stefan’s reading in Rotonde Bertouille, Bozar.


David Widart after his reading in Rotonde Bertouille, Bozar.


Artist Marcin Dudek looking out of the window of our studios at La Raffinerie in Molenbeek.


Drinking tea with in the studio with architect Hélène Dubois who helped me out with the scenography of my installation at Bozar.


Work in progress in the studio of Aukje Koks – we share a studio space at La Raffinerie.


A view of a corner of my studio.


Writing on the wall near our studio building in Molenbeek.


Concert of Dan Bodan feat. Draveng during Wastelands 15 at 019 in Ghent.


Michiel Claus aka DJ Walrus (Bright Entity, Bepotel) and MC Omar G, one of the founding members of the hip hop band Stikstof, and an important collaborator in my project Tenir Paroles, hanging out during Wastelands 15 at 019 in Ghent.


Mister Zeff member of fka La Frénétick, a young rapper I’ve been collaborating with since 2012, along side the canal in Molenbeek.


Visiting Omar G at his job at the temporary public square PleinPublic at Porte de Ninove (managed by non-profit Toestand) together with David Widart and Mister Zeff – there’s a huge BBQ being built in the background.

Young Belgian Art Prize
Plein public