Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you, dear reader, have only a few days left to get your plus one a little something for the occasion. Swoon. However, if you’re anything like us and find this sweetheart-fiesta lame beyond description, or if you don’t “buy” the commercialization of love, don’t forget that nobody ever got upset for being remembered on Valentine’s Day. This is a fact. Not a fan of the kitschy chocolate-flowers-candlelit dinner-formula? We bring you our carefully selected Valentine’s gift list with a new suggestion every single day.

Today’s pick: The kinky selection from Lady Paname

No Valentine’s gift selection worth its salt could possibly neglect to include the obligatory naughty present, and so we’ve had a browse at Brussels’ luscious Lady Paname, not your ordinary kind of love shop, with its rose-coloured atmosphere punctuated with black and pierced with the occasional sparkle – and devoid of red light clichés. The white and red, nurse-themed ‘emergency’ handcuffs are made from real leather, too – a rather pricey but classy affair – to boost your fantasies and amplify the kinkiness in the bedroom (or wherever) this February 14th. Last minute Valentine’s shoppers please note: Lady Paname closes at 19h00, which leaves you a teeny tiny bit of time to get a little sexy something for your main squeeze.

Monday 13th February’s proposal : A gift subscription from The Album Club

This gift will not only score you points on Valentine’s Day; it’ll also ensure your status as flavour of the month, every month for the rest of the year. How? The Album Club is the one-of-a-kind brainchild of legendary British music labelRough Trade (the ones behind The LibertinesThe Strokes and Anthony and the Johnsons). Rough Trade has its own record store in London, a music emporium considered by NME magazine “The world’s best”. With a subscription, a CD gets delivered to your significant other’s doorstep every month from their collection of carefully selected must-have albums, starring some of today’s most interesting music. Really quite ideal for busy music obsessives who don’t have the time to do the record store rummaging themselves. Plus: in these days of downloadable, hand-picked tracks, it gives new life to the concept of the album as a complete, artistic entity.

Friday 10th February’s proposal: Throwaway camera

With their slaphappy design and simple technology, today’s Valentine gift tip is a bit of a relic from a bygone era: the disposable camera. They don’t quite seem to mesh with our newfangled digital agenda, but these funky little throwbacks are experiencing quite a revival: they’re cheap, they’re easy to use and handy to lug around, and they’re almost unbreakable (especially appreciated by art project types and wedding planners). An original way to create spontaneous and physical, tangible photo memories with your loved ones, adding an exciting and forgotten element to your photo taking activities: no delete button! Imagine that! Who doesn’t miss the feeling of picking up a freshly developed film from ye olde photo shop, not knowing what-in-God’s-name those shiny 4×6’s will unearth? The ideal gift for nostalgics.

Wednesday 8th February’s proposal: Cinematek annual membership card

Whether your significant other is a true cineaste and culture vulture or a blockbuster buff, here’s a good one: a yearly gift subscription for Cinematek, a Brussels institution that brags an eclectic collection of 67,213 movies from cinema’s very beginnings to today. With a Cinematek card, Brussels’ dearly beloveds get access to every screening for just 1 Euro a pop. Your squeeze also receives, direct to doorstep, every shiny new issue of the Cinematek magazine. A real treat, and not just for movie nerds. This month Cinematek’s big screen will feature retrospectives of the works of iconic filmmakers Billy Wilder and Gus Van Sant. It might just be the thing you were looking for.

Tuesday 7th February’s proposal: Spray can

You know, for those impromptu love declarations scrawled on a wall, a bridge, a traffic sign, or the pavement. If you get caught by the fuzz, tell them we sent you.