TICKL, a Polaroid perfect print periodical

Being a big magazine buff, my eyes near popped out of my head when I first stumbled upon TICKL early 2008. Having just released its fourth issue, I thought it was high time to give a neighbourly nod to the title that has slowly been aggregating the world’s kinky community.

Published, edited and created out of Ghent (Belgium), TICKL, which bills itself as an ‘erotic cabinet’, was launched by photographer Carmen de Vos in 2007 to appease and nurture her obvious love of the instant photographic mode.

Content-wise, the story is simple: tasty teases, erotic explicitness and raunchy ravings. Add to that a little spanking here and there and you’ll be hooked in no time, trust me.


Aesthetically, the magazine stands out too. Designed by agency Afreux, the thick paper stock, the Dymo titles, the interior’s slanted grid as well as the light fluorescent highlights reveals a subdued appreciation for simplicity. As my mother used to say, “presentation is half the battle won” and this battle has clearlybeen won.

The fourth issue's content page

The fourth issue's content page

The magazine’s photographic features are cinematic in their nature – suggestive rather than revealing yet always immaculate in their conception:


One feature of the magazine we’ve taken a special shine to is the ads, seemingly art directed and shot by TICKL’s creative folk themselves. Check this one out, for Belgian beer Vedette, seen on the back cover of the latest issue: