Travel photography part one: Sara Todd’s Las Vegas

Starting today and for the next four days, we’ll be shining a light of four travel photography series that have caught our attention and capture the spirit of our travel month. First up, 25 year old Antwerp-based photographer Sara Todd‘s Los Angeles-to-Las-Vegas series. View the entire series below and read the interview just after.

When was the series made?

April 2012

What was your exact itinerary? Where do you land, take-off from, where did you stay, how long did you stay, etc…?

I took off from Brussels and landed in LAX on April 11th. I stayed with my boyfriend, Low. We went to Vegas between the 29th to the 30th and stayed at Treasure Island. We got there by car and it took around 4 hours.

What is your favourite photograph from the series, and why?

“The 10th photo of the series”. I really like the colours and the perspective it gives. I just remember seeing it with my eyes and thinking oooh shit I need to take a photo of this. The 2 show girls casually sitting there having a drink with feathers up their asses.

What was one stand-out moment from the trip?

Driving into Las Vegas was pretty surreal, it’s all so fake there but in a massive amount. I was mesmerized. Getting a lapdance from a lil mexican chick with fake tits was pretty awesome too.

Did you meet anyone out of the ordinary that somehow defined the trip?

We stopped at a market in the middle of nowhere on the way to Vegas and the owner of the place was quite funny. I asked him how it was to live in the middle of nowhere? He told me he was living in the middle of everywhere, Sin City on one side and Insanity City on the other.

Who were you traveling with, if anyone?

I was traveling with Low and my friends Chris and Isabelle.

What is the next trip you have planned?

I haven’t thought about it very seriously but I would like to go to NYC, Tokyo, Seoul… Lots of asian countries actually. And back to Los Angeles of course I love it there and see more of the West Coast.