Travel photography part two: Britt & Paul’s trans-siberian travels

Part two of our special series on travel photography sees us hopping on the train with photography duo Britt & Paul that take us from Moscow to Baikal through an eye-opening and mesmerising trans-siberian journey.

What was your exact itinerary? Where do you land, take-off from, where did you stay, how long did you stay, etc…?

The trans-siberian railway: Moscow – Sint-Petersuburg – Ekaterinburgh – Irkoetsk – Baikal

What is your favourite photograph from the series, and why?

t the last stop over. I took a picture of the lake Baikal from out of my window where I was staying. It defines everything I experienced. My life was in total chaos before I left and when I took this picture I finally could say that I discovered some rest.

What was one stand-out moment from the trip?

When I was playing cards and drinking wodka on the train with some boys from the army. I took a picture of them before I spoke to them. They were really shy till there was some wodka! We drank a lot of wodka while playing cards all night long.

Did you meet anyone out of the ordinary that somehow defined the trip?

When you travel alone you meet people all the time, especially a foreign girl with a big camera.

Who were you travelling with, if anyone?

 I was finally alone.

What is the next trip you have planned?

I’m going to Moscow next week, to make some pictures and films in production spaces. Last year I met my man and surprise his mum is Russian, so now I’m going for his company to make some shots in factories.