Group show We do not remember the Berlin Wall opens tomorrow in Brussels

 Emilie Pischedda, co-founder of Brussels’ art collective ’Projet Diligence‘, and Barthélémy Schöller are behind the upcoming ‘We do not remember the Berlin Wall’, an eclectic and carefully curated group exhibition kicking off this Thursday in a beautiful old Brussels hardware shop. The title alludes to a new generation of artists whose collective consciousness came to life after the city in question, to which they all have ties, rid itself of this cold war relic of division.

The international show unites artists from the US, Canada, France, Belgium and Germany and about 35 of their artworks, ranging from collages and drawings to installations and paintings. All of the pieces have a go at taking apart German philosopher Walter Benjamin’s concept of the Aura, the idea that every art piece embodies its own ungraspability, something impossible to reproduce – that loses something through any attempt at duplication or change of context. Reproduction and the question of authenticity are toyed with –  sometimes with just a citation, others with a tribute or the use of mise en abyme. “When we selected the artists, we considered the relevance of their work for the overall problematic – the concept of the Aura – and also the link with Berlin, where Benjamin has spent a lot of his time” Emilie explains. “All of them are, directly or indirectly, connected to Berlin, either because they were born there, once lived there or are based there now.” All of them belong to a new generation of artists, something that the title of the show ‘We do not remember the Berlin Wall’ wants to underline. It’s also underscored by the choice of location: “It was a conscious decision to not show the art in a gallery” Emilie explains: “We wanted to make a statement and position ourselves outside of the market”.

The expo opens tomorrow evening with a live sound performance by Jean-Pierre Bertrand, the only piece commissioned especially for the show, and that will be recorded on the occasion and incorporated into the exhibition afterwards. Other featured artists include Todd von AmmonJuliana BorinskiValentin SouquetHugh Scott-Douglas and more.

We do not remember the Berlin Wall
Opening 8th November
Exhibition runs until 25th November
Quincaillerie Vander Eycken, Rue du Viaducstraat 66 –1050 Brussels