100% underground on FM Brussel with guest Benoit Deuxant

Monday night on our weekly FM Brussel show (every Monday from 21h to 22h), Benoit Deuxant, the co-founder of the Belgium Underground, was in the studio to talk to us about the recently-released Belgian underground music discovery app. In the hour-long show, the local underground scenes expert discussed the what’s, why’s and who’s behind the ambitious and phenomenal project and brought a 10-strong selection of his favourite Belgian releases along. Listen to the show below, and scroll down for the playlist.

The Word on FM Brussel: 18th January 2016 (Special guest: Benoit Deuxant from Point Culture) by The Word Magazine on Mixcloud

1.     Les Tueurs de la lune de miel – Histoire à suivre

2.     Tuxedomoon – No Tears

3.     Autumn – Synthesize

4.     Arbeit Adelt! – De man die alles noteert

5.     2Belgen – I Totter To My Feet

6.     Bene Gesserit – Mickey, Please…

7.     Buffle – Jürgenstar

8.     Ultraphonist – How To Practice Scales

9.     Ovil Bianca – Gravity”

10.  Colombey – J’ai tout oublié

Listen to the 15 Belgian releases Benoit selected for us here.