Master beat-maker and rhythm-funkster Jazz Neversleeps kicks off our monthly special dedicated to lists of all kinds with his ‘Best 25 tracks of the year’ mix. The local hero, a firm fixture on the city’s party circuit with partner-in-crime Alex Deforce of On-Point Records, starts off cool and composed with an astro-boogie banger and ends on a ‘Mister lova lova’ trip with what is arguably the hottest Belgian track of the year, Maseratay‘s Sexxxy. Listen to the exclusive mix below and scroll down for the man’s point-by-point answer to why these are his 25 favourite tracks of 2012. 

1 Morri$ – A New Day (Astro Nautico digital) 

Spaced out ballad. The kind of thing I wanna hear at 4am while holding my love in one hand and a gin tonic in the other. Apart from that I’m hooked to everything with a sea intro as it reminds me of Chris Rea‘s “On The Beach“.

2 Andrés – New For U (La Vida 12″) 

Everything Andrés does is gold. Straight up b-boy house from Detroit.

3 Billy Palmier – So Hot In The Summer (forthcoming On-Point 12″)

Definitely my favorite unreleased track of 2012, and my fave producer right now, period. Cringe face start to finish, beautiful tune… Plus it’s getting a release soon!

4 DMX Krew – East Side Boogie (Voltaire 12″)

Stellar electro boogie business from Ed DMX. Gotta love vocoder tunes.

5 FaltyDL – Hardcourage (Ninja Tune 12″)

Play it at the right moment and this is a total dancefloor trasher. FaltyDL is on another level.

6 Duke Dumont – Street Walker (Turbo 12″)

I love the occasional no-nonsense 4 to the floor and this is the one!

7 George Fitzgerald – Child (Aus Music 12″)

The club banger of 2012? Already classic singalong moments on this one.

8 Maarten Mittendorff & Jasper Wolff – Brother (Skudge remix) (Indigo Aera 12″) 

Along with the next one in the mix my favorite techno record of this year. Interstellar funk from the Skudge duo.

9 WK7 – Do It Yourself (Power House 12″)

Another trasher by one of the many Shed monikers. Jump!

10 Gifted & Blessed – Grandfather Fire (Eglo 12″) 

Your favorite producer’s favorite producer. Every record by GB is mindblowing and his single on Eglo is no exception.

11 Moodymann – Why Do U Feel (KDJ 12″)

What can I say? Every Moodymann record is a classic! Great use of a Elkie Brooks sample.

12 U – Heaven (ManMakeMusic 10″)

Love the U 10″ single. Check the clips too on Youtube. Far out stuff.

13 Freekwency – Flip The Coin (Voyeurhythm 12″) 

Sureshot record in my bag. Absolutely love this one. This man loves a lasagne!

14 Inkswel – LFO Bounce (Unthank 10″)

Most anticipated single this year for me. Nitty gritty drum machine funk.

15 Chicago Shags – Firetruck Sunday (M>O>S 12″)

AKA Legowelt from another planet. Love playing this in between some boogie records to see people’s reaction. If you like this, check his brand new full album on Clone.

16 Falty DL – Straight & Arrow (Ninja Tune 12″)

This man is unstoppable and unf*ckwithable.

17 Nina Kraviz – Taxi Talk (Rekids album)

Deep early morning shuffler. красивый!

18 SFV Acid – Wetdevil (100% Silk 12″) 

Truly unique analog grit from SFV Acid… Check!

19 MonkeyRobot – Brick Stomach (Bastard Jazz 12″)

Smashing stuff from Brussels’ comrads MonkeyRobot!

20 Kid Sublime – Keep On (demo version)

Track I loved playing the most in 2012, ever since I got it on a demo cdr… A slightly different cut of this comes out just before the end of the year on Amsterdam’s Dopeness Galore.

21 Omar S & L’Renee – S.E.X. (C.G.P. remix) (FXHE 12″)

Don’t be afraid of my sexy lingeray… L’Renee drops the singalong song of 2012.

22 Tufo – Leadlights (Citywurl 12″)

Great 12″ by Italian duo Tufo on Brussels’ Citywurl label!

23 Pomrad – Dans (OohWee digital)

Beautiful track by Antwerp’s Pomrad… Would love a vinyl release of this!

24 JtotheC – Sweet Rendez Vous (Billy Palmier rmx) (On-Point / Citywurl 12″) 

JtotheC‘s remix EP out soon on On-Point. Hard to choose one but I go with the Billy Palmier re-rub.

25 Maseratay – Sexxxy (On-Point 12″)

My label brethren hit hard with their EP on On-Point! Binnenlandse funk…