In the midst of recording their debut album, Ghent-based five-piece STUFF. recorded an exclusive genre-bending mix for us. Blending everything from alternative hip-hop and jazz to electro and soul, it’s an hommage to STUFF.’s friends and heroes, and features the unreleased “Stuffed”. All in all “a creamy mix of sweet beats and tasty vibes”, claims Lander Gyselinck. Hear for yourself…

When and where did you record the mix?

At 8.49 A.M. Sunday September 15th, between Brugse Poort Ghent and Brooklyn, NY. Our finest Mixmonster Menno eats vinyl for breakfast, so he did the mix in no time.

Can you tell us about the exclusive track?

It’s an unfinished, exclusive STUFF. track called “Stuffed”. We guessed it’s better off breathin’ than hard-diskin’. It’s a kind of Fresh-Prince-goes-into-the-White-Cat-and-orders-a-Daiquiri. We’ve been playing that tune at concerts for a while and it still has that freshness. We like to mess around with the tunes we play live, if there’s enough space to make it totally different to last time, then we’ll do it. Since “concerts” are our natural habitat, and a lot of tunes are created that way, we wanted to give The Word Magazine an exclusive live-tune by STUFF.. Duster, or Stoffig, was inspired by a bassgroove on a Dusty Fingers record, and has evolved ever since. This crappy-yeay!- sounding version is taken from STUFF.’s closing concert at STORM! festival in Oostende in April. There’s our own “Internal Sun“, an Antwerp beat-soundwizard, which gave as a furious exclusive beat interlude. STUFF. played last year at Fabrikage in Antwerp where they caught NY-LA beatcreator/emcee P.U.D.G.E doing a a djset. He was in Belgium working with DJ Grazzhoppa and Voice Monet (US). When Lander was living in Brooklyn he met up with P.U.D.G.E and they made lot’s of crazy rough beatstuff in the studio, like “Yoga Calls”. Then there’s our friends of PuddingoO closing off our mix with Mondbeat, which should be on their album, soon to be released, but for now only in STUFF.’s exclusive mix for The Word Magazine.

What’s your favourite track on it and why?

Favourite track? Well, we just put in tracks that influenced us like early Mount Kimbie, Hudson Mohawke, trippy ’70s keyboard stuff by George Duke and music we get from friend-musicians-producers like DJ Grazzhoppa, Pomrad and Mike Slott. There’s a great deal of reference in a STUFF. live-experience, it’s similar to a mix. In this exclusive mix you’ll hear some of the tunes that might pop up in our concerts, like Look of Love by Slum Village, Sun Tan by Mike Slott, Pass the Mic by the Beastie Boys and so on… So “favourite” is not really an option -although I’m particularly fond of “Echidna’s Arf” by George Duke.

What have you got coming up in the next few weeks?

Next week Thursday we have concert at Bar Du Matin in Brussels and we’re preparing new music for our upcoming album. We start recording next week in La Chapelle Studios then some production. Early 2014 there should be some great music to come. You’ve got my word.

ICE baby


MixMonster intro edit


Internal Sun Interlude

TNGHT – Higher Ground (DJ Detweiler RMX)

Pomrad – Pomslap

DJ Grazzhoppa’s DJ Bigband – Benchjam

George Duke – Echidna’s Arf

STUFF. – Duster (live at STORM! Festival)

STUFF. – Stuffed

Hudson Mohawke – Free Mo

Busta Rhymes – Woo-Ha

Mike Slott – Sun Tan

Internal Sun – Science Friction

P.U.D.G.E & HGHLNDR – Yoga Vocals

Beastie Boys – Pass The Mic

Slum Village – Look Of Love

Madlib – Mystic Bounce

Vijay Iyer – Mystic Brew

Elektrik Hatzi Mix – Mixmonster Menno x HGHLNDR

Mount Kimbie – Before I Move Off

PuddingoO – Mondbeat