Amateur Best

Amateur Best is the re-incarnation of Joe Flory, formerly known as Primary 1. As Primary 1, Joe was on the verge of a breakthrough: with a major label deal in his pocket, a tour with Ellie Goulding and collaborations with Philippe Zdar, the future seemed very bright for this young London-based synthpop producer. Things happened though and it didn’t turn out as expected, so Joe decided to quit working under the moniker of Primary 1 and launched Amateur Best. As Amateur Best, Joe is doing things very differently. He signed to Double Denim Records, a small DIY-label that is best known for it’s releases with Outfit and Zulu Winter. Instead of “just music,” he releases a comic to go along with every single. The music itself is still synth pop of a very high quality, as Joe is still an astonishing producer and has a very ear for rhythm and hooks.


Every now and then an artist surfaces that bathes him or herself in mystery but has the tunes to back up the lack of information. Twigs. Think of her as the illegitimate love child of Grimes and The Weeknd: DIY-poppy as the former, sexy and dark as the latter. Her partner in crime is Grace Ladoja, a London-based director who takes care of the rather intriguing visuals that accompany Twigs’ songs. The beats are raw and intense, but her voice is strong enough to rise above it. “Hide” and “Ache” are the only two songs she has out at the moment, but we’re very excited to hear more from this lady.

Saint Lou Lou

Looks are always a plus in the music industry, especially if we’re talking about pop music. The ladies of Saint Lou Lou have got nothing to worry about then, as they’re very pretty girls. And sisters in fact, which makes the whole thing they’ve got going on even more cute – or slightly weird, depending on how you look at it. Born in Sweden and raised in Australia, these dark-haired ladies have already seen half of the world yet will probably see far more of it from on a stage sometime very soon. Their debut single “Maybe You” is as much dreamy as it is poppy; we probably have to thank Patrick Berger (best known for his production work for fellow Swede Robyn) for that. Maybe you are the ones we should be keeping an eye on, Saint Lou Lou (such a cute name by the way!).