All-nighters with Amelie Lens

It’s been an exciting summer for DJ, producer, entrepreneur and model Amelie Lens, who had her name featured on the line-up of festivals and parties all-around. Armed with one of our office throwaway cameras, she gives us a glimpse into her nightly activities.

Mirror selfie in the car because I had one picture left.

Morris, probably before or after he stole food of my plate.

On our way to the club.

That’s my squad!

That’s me and my squad.

Limited Exhale By Amelie Lens tote bags! (the parties I host at Labyrinth club)

Basic pizza’s forever

Making my selection at home.

This is my cat Morris, the cutest little food thief on this planet.

Quick selfie at home with a this handsome young man i’m engaged to.

This is me hanging in the backstage of labyrinth club before my gig.

Having drinks in the labyrinth backstage before my set.

Taking a quick nap on the flight from Berlin to Antwerp.

Super tired faces waiting at the airport in Berlin.

Coconut water at the Micherlberger hotel before playing at Watergate in Berlin for the very first time.


Tofu burgers forever am I right.

After my set at Extrema Outdoor Festival both me and my phone needed some fuel.

This beautiful selfie with the Cdjs was supposed to be a selfie with me and the crowd. #fail

Running order at Extrema Outdoor Festival.

My very first mainstage experience @ Extrema Outdoor festival

The beginning of the festival season!!

Playing at le Cadran after FJAAK.