An interview with Berlin rap outfit Puppetmastaz at Dour

Reunited Berlin-based hip hop crew Puppetmastaz are back in business with their new album ‘Revolve and Step up!’, released earlier this year. At last weekend’s Dour festival the world’s first toy group honoured us with a special private show that quickly became the press tent’s major attraction. Dive into a surreal world of marionette madness starring Yoda’s twin brother Yobo, Snuggles the bunny, Rowlf the dog and the stunning Croucholina. Here’s our earnest attempt at an interview.

Did you enjoy your gig tonight?

Yobo: We were rapping a hardcore show tonight if you know what I mean and are so out of breath (coughing).

Rowlf: It was all about the mountains. The mountains of pleasure, baby!

Croucholina: No, today it’s all about sex!

What’s been your craziest festival experience so far?

Rowlf: I think it was on Mars.

Yobo: I remember in Roskilde we were walking through mountains of mud, at the last Fusion Festival there were also mountains of mud, so I felt at home. I saw so many dirty ravers. I like the people dirty, I like to get dirty. I like dirty music.

You’ve just released your new album, what’s it about?

Croucholina: The new album is about penetrating the big inside the small and the small inside the big.

Snuggles: Yeah. And vice versa.

Tell me more about your new album. Where and when did you write and record it?

Yobo: We got Nigel coming over and were hanging out in the hood, in the laboratory, looked at our notes and our rhyme books and got them out and spit it out in seven days. In seven days we did seven songs. And all the other songs took a bit longer. But you know, sometimes we’re just heavy like that.

Rowlf: The recording of the whole album only took us one week.

Croucholina: It was sooo fast!

Rowlf: I can lick my belly!

So how is it for puppets in the music scene, do you get a lot of groupies?

Yobo: Sure! Well, we don’t have genitals, but you can rub on us. And a lot of us are made out of fur, so you wanna cuddle up if you know what I mean.

You’ve been around for quite a while, since the 90s. What’s changed in the music business and in your music?

Croucholina: My skin!

Snuggles: Well I think Croucholina is still in pretty good shape. She’s hot.

Rowlf: A lot of things change. We like to sleep on couches now and eat cookies.

Snuggles: I don’t like carrots anymore.

Yobo: Before we didn’t really eat human food and we got used to the humanoid way of life which in some cases is good and in a lot of ways it’s shit. But we do eat more cake and cookies and sweets. So some have digestion problems but the music is still super hot. We’ve always had this weird manager, a human guy, called Jakob. But now we’ve got a rabbit.

Rowlf: A firestarter, if you know what I mean. We have new management now. A firestarter always makes things hot.

Yobo: And we became a bit more disco. Like lap-dance and stuff. Being wiser, getting disco, going to lap dances… we became more dirty.

The Word’s next edition is pink, what’s pink music for you?

Snuggles: Pink music? You’re doing a pink album? Wow.

Rowlf: Pink music is a big, big cake for me.

Croucholina: You can put the cake in a pipe and smoke it!

Yobo: The association I got for pink is Pink Panther, pink cake, and pussy. That’s what I got.

Snuggles: But I also think about bubble gum, and tongue, and also the inside of the moon. I think it’s pink, you know.

Yobo: And of course the inside of the pussy.