Hardly a few days after our throwaway project marathon at Les Ardentes, we were back at it again at Dour Festival. Our mission was to hand out even more of our disposable cameras, but also to enjoy good music and shoot some off stage material for your eyes only, because what happens backstage does not necessarily have to stay there.


The disarming femme enfant Uffie admitted to us she enjoys pretending to not understand a word of French, that way she can secretly eavesdrop all ongoing conversations in the press area.


Lola Olafisoye, singer of Chrome Hoof, certainly has what it takes to be Grace Jones’ little sis – crazy as hell, but full of humour. Here she is on her way to the stage, where her band is about to give one of the most impressive concerts of the entire festival.


The only element capable of outshining their music was the mad wardrobe donned on stage.


Atari Teenage Riot is back! Anno 2010 Alec Empire, CX Kidtronik and Nic Endo stirred up the public with their digital hardcore – which stands for an ear blowing sound and phenomenal boost of energy. This gig was (rightfully) many peeps’ absolute highlight at the festival.


Atari Teenage Riot’s front man Alec Empire posing for us right after the gig.


The outer space monsters from Gwar certainly know how to entertain an audience. As if their ridiculous outfits weren’t enough, they went on to chop Hitler’s penis on stage, beheaded the Pope, skinned a Taliban terrorist and sodomized Jesus


After a Gwar gig, one is bound to be covered in blood and semen (fortunately fake).


Giacomo, singer from rock band Romano Nervoso, enjoyed every second of it.


The dudes from Monotonix are authentic madmen. Here, singer Ami Shalev attempts poking his own eyes with the metal sign. During the concert, a member of the audience went on to call him a monkey – He made sure to correct that person by pointing out that he is in fact a Neanderthal.


The band ended up playing outside of the tent, because they constantly moved all of their instruments, in all directions, even from bottom to top – At certain moments, every band member was up in the air, even the drummer and his drum kit.


We ran into Dim, the leadsinger from Belgian band Driving Dead Girl – who opened the festival Saturday afternoon – well on his way to become completely wasted, courtesy of Jack Daniel’s.


New Young Pony Club pose with towels after their gig. They were a little bit sad they couldn’t linger more to check out the other bands playing at the festival.


Otto Von Schirach and Jimmy Edgar share a bottle of whiskey behind the scenes in between their two gigs. Otto is a complete nutter and it turns out Jimmy is not only a skilled DJ, but also a revered fashion photographer – which explains his frenzy when he saw my vintage camera. We obviously gave him one of our disposables to shoot away. Stay tuned!


For some reason, Luuk from Shameboy was very keen on badmouthing the girls from Flemish band K3.


Here are The Subs arriving at Dour, self-promoting their hit single by wearing a tawdry t-shirt from The Pope of Dope.


The boys’ pumping beats and raw energy was so infectious that it lead the crowd to go bananas. Some even tried to pull down the pants of singer Papillon while he stage dived – without any success.


Here’s a glimpse of what can be soon expected with our throwaway Project