In between our throwaway project antics (check HEALTH’s pics here and Jamie Lidell‘s here) we managed to get some cool backstage snaps and behind the scenes stories at Les Ardentes.

Pictures by Ulrike Biets

The one and only Pharrell, listening to his iPod as he exits his ride to get into the dressing rooms. The iPod actually contained all of N*E*R*D‘s brand new top-secret material. No one was allowed anywhere near it, save for two very lucky journalists.

Pharrell Williams

Pete Doherty posing minutes before Babyshambles‘ concert. We handed him a disposable camera to play with, more on that right here.

Pete Doherty 2

We hitched a ride with him in the shuttle driving the band to the main stage. Pictured here is a glimpse into the life of an artist constantly surrounded by photographers and fans.


Cypress Hill‘s Sen Dog took a five minute break from the show for some herbal relief with French girl band Plastiscines.

Cypress Hill

Julian Casablancas showing off his guns before his gig. We’re guessing the singer ditched his trademark leather jacket because of the heat. He did however make sure to put it back on when he got on stage.

Julian Casablancas

Turntable masters Birdy Nam Nam‘s victorious group-hug following their mad show. We rarely saw so many hands up in the air – they might be French, but these boys sure know how to throw a party.

Birdy Nam Nam after

Here’s the ever so stylish Charlotte Gainsbourg exiting the stage after her concert.

Charlotte Gainsbourg 1

Being fashionable involves sacrifices, such as wearing leather pants despite the scorching heat…

Charlotte Gainsbourg 2

Alice Glass posing before the Crystal Castles gig. We handed her a disposable camera after taking this picture. When we asked about it two hours later, she was too cracked out to even remember having it in the first place.

Crystal Castles before

Crystal Castles’ gig as seen straight from the mosh pit. Hair was pulled and punches were thrown in order to protect the camera and get this shot.

Crystal Castles 1

The Midnight Juggernauts after their gig, with drummer Daniel Stricker holding one of our disposable cameras. Their whole summer being packed with dates throughout Europe, the US and Australia, we’re really hoping they’ll send it back with their exotic tour adventures.

Midnight Juggernauts after

We caught Adam Green after his gig having a drink at the artists bar. He professed his love for Brussels and the Ancienne Belgique then bummed a cigarette off us so we stepped outside with him.

Adam Green 2

Despite almost passing out from the heat, he still asked for some Ketamine. We couldn’t help out. When quizzed about the substance’s effects, he simply answered “it’s like you’re on TV maaaaan”.

Adam Green 1

John from HEALTH, wiping his gear after rocking it onstage.


BJ, HEALTH’s drummer, was kind enough to get on board with our newly conceived throwaway project. Check out the boys’ snapshots here.


Jona of YACHT didn’t leave much in his dressing room after leaving the festival, except this used towel and dirty underpants.


Here’s the disposable camera Jamie Lidell gave back to us. Check out the pictures his girlfriend took of him during his show here.