If there’s any remotely pop-infused, obscure Belgian Pop track you’re looking for circa the 1980s, chances are YouTube selector Belpop16’s got it covered. A kid from the 90s with somewhat of an unhealthy infatuation for the Belgium of the 80s, his YouTube channel’s slowly becoming the reference point for Belgian Pop enthusiasts. Here, we ask him for his very own Belgian classics.

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1. 2 Belgen – Trop petit (1985 – Vogue)

This album was made by two Belgians gone fully electronic and pop during the 1985’s summer. I love the crazy touch of this album, rich in melody and rhythms. Especially this Lena track.

2. Front 242 – No comment (1985 – Another Side)

Dangerous and brutal, like a slap in your face. Definitely a track that’ll make you go crazy when it blasts out of your speakers…

3. Nacht Und Nebel – Victoria 2000 (1985 – Vogue)

This was supposed to be the breakthrough LP of the band but their singer died in 1986. The single “Victoria 2000” is especially delicious.

4. Jo Lemaire – Concorde (1983 – Vertigo)

Jo Lemaire’s interpretation of new wave is beautiful, challenging and somehow a bit naughty. The single “La mémoire en exil” is wonderful and makes my ears vibrate with pleasure.

5. Madou – Niets is voor altijd (1982 – Lark)

The atmosphere on the album is thoughtful and smart with great vocals. Still, I must admit that this Divine single makes me a little scared.

6. The Neon Judgement – Mbih! (1985 – Anything but Records)

Some pretty hardcore new wave. The kind that makes you float across the floor, wet with sweat… I could (almost) name this one a fetish lp. Almost.

7. Schmutz – Lipservice (1985 – Indisc)

Pure dance machine from the 80s. Livin ‘it up is a real disco track: the solid beats and synths makes the whole LP as funky as it’s funny.

8. Isabelle Antena – En cavale (1986 – Les Disques du Crépuscule)

For totally unknown reasons I always think that I’m dancing my ass of in a jungle when this record is playing.

9. Luc Van Acker – The Ship (1984 – EMI)

Zanna was born to be a world hit, but it didn’t: let’s keep it as our little secret masterpiece.

10. Luna Twist ‎– A Different Smell From The Same Perfume (1982 – Parsley)

One of the best belgian albums ever made, pure and decent. If the Talking Heads had make a cover of African Time, it would have been a worldwide hit.

Check out Belpop16’s YouTube channel here.